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Why do you need Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription Service

Hiring medical assistants to transcribe medical reports is beneficial but ineffective. You can assign this task to them, but you will cripple their productivity. Because there are other lots of jobs that they have to complete, adding medical transcription to the mix will wear them down even more. The intelligent way is to appoint professional transcriptionists to transcribe your medical reports.  

Medical professionals are some of the world’s most skilled and educated people. Days are filled with patients and paperwork, which means they are so busy.  By eliminating the tedious paperwork, offices that use medical transcriptionists can free up their doctors’ time to concentrate on what matters: their patients. Here are the reasons that determine why clinical experts require medical transcription services.


A medical transcriptionist service can transcribe your audio for you into numerous types of healthcare documentation. Send over the audio, and they will outsource one of their many skillful transcriptionists specializing in medical documents. They are formally educated, certified, and HIPPA-compliant. Their specialization may also involve using various electronic medical documents and knowing protocols for formatting and upgrading medical records. And remember, they have trained ears, and you can put your full faith that they can do the job. Medical assistants are proficient in medical transcription, but their role requires them to cover many tasks that lead them from one specialty to another. With a medical transcription service, you are relaxed that this task can be done correctly.

Fewer Expenses

Leaving a lengthy job of transcribing medical documents or reports to your already busy medical assistants can cause them to work overtime to finish it, among many other duties. With a lot on their shoulders, that means they have to pay for a lot of overtime. You do not have to worry about overtime with medical transcriptionists. The only work they have to do is medical transcription. Moreover, they have to finish it on time, allowing you to speed up the hospital’s productivity quickly.

Smoother Workflow

Transcribing medical reports is a lengthy process. And yet it is just one of the many things that medical assistants do aside from fast-speed tasks like answering calls, arranging appointments, etc. The ebb and flow of their work can be significantly slowed down by adding a slow grind to a river of fast ones. A medical transcription service can be helpful in this situation. You can eliminate one difficult task from the numerous others that medical assistants must manage. Your medical assistants can focus on what they do best without being distracted if you leave the transcriptionists to handle the medical transcripts. A hospital or clinic can operate more smoothly and effectively and give patients individualized care with the help of a medical transcription service.

Flexible Turnaround

Hospitals are a frantic environment. Documents like radiology reports, operative reports, and progress notes may have a lenient turnaround. But also, there are documents like summaries that need to be over right away. There are a lot of different deadlines that you will be irritated about before you wrap your head around them. With the expertise of medical transcriptionists, they can complete transcribing medical records in no time. It is especially vital with documents that need to be processed immediately, like discharge reports. They can handle the deadlines for the transcriptions so that you do not have to do. Portiva is one of the top-notch firms that facilitates transcription services New York.  

Improved Quality Control

Transcribing can be tiresome, even more so for medical assistants, who are constantly exhausted from other administrative tasks. When mistakes happen in the transcription, they must do it again. This leads to interruptions in the treatment of people. A medical transcriptionist can record all the dictations and correct them in order. They have the energy, patience, and attention to detail to transcribe medical reports that leave no room for fault. It helps the doctor to treat their patients immediately and accurately.  

Restore Comfort to patients

Practices that choose to employ an in-house scribe risk unintentionally upsetting patients. The transcriptionist will frequently need to be present in the exam room while the patient discusses sensitive and personal medical information.

When this happens, having a virtual scribe is advantageous. Virtual writers will hear what the patient and doctor are saying without being physically present. This helps the patient regain confidence and lets the doctor give them their full attention throughout the conversation.

More Accurate Medical Records

Your physicians will have peace of mind that they have a team of talented transcriptionists combing through and inserting data into your electronic record system. Why? These transcriptionists can effectively transcribe medical information because they are familiar with the “jargon” and terms used in the field. The sole focus of medical scribes is taking notes and recording important information, resulting in accurate and adequate records.

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