Thinking of going green and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, this article would serve as your all-in-one guide for all you need to know to start being eco-friendly!

Popular media holds the belief that being eco-friendly=costly. This is not always the case if you choose the right options for the right reasons. In fact, being eco-friendly would save you money in the long run!

LED Lights:

Lights and lighting are an essential part of every household. Therefore, unsurprisingly, just changing the mechanics of your lighting of choice can bring about a significant difference in your lifestyle. 

Approximately 9% of the power used in an average household is for illumination.

A simple and economical approach to lower your energy costs and waste is to switch all of your incandescent fixtures to LED versions. In comparison to traditional lights, LEDs, especially those that use 75% less electricity and are able to last 26 times more than a regular source of lighting. Another advantage of using LED lights as an eco-friendly option is that they produce significantly less heat compared to a traditional bulb and this would result in cooler homes and they also save energy. 

Say No To Plastic:

A common source of plastic in the house is water bottles and shopping bags. Recognizing the damage accumulation and disposal of plastic and replacing plastic bottles with metallic bottles you can reuse and replacing a plastic bag with a cloth bag would be the easiest way to be eco-friendly. Around 80% of plastic is never reused and to produce plastic a significant amount of water is needed which is hazardous to the environment. 

Another common space with a lot of plastic could be the electronics and heating systems present in home spaces. If replacing electronics seems like an impossible option, consider sustainable options for heating and cooling systems. You can do so by considering hot water heater repair boulders as they are not just sustainable and avoid rust but they also protect your common use water from sun damage. 

Less Meat:

Being vegan is the new trend, however, you should not consider veganism for the wrong reasons and be merely a part of a trend. Shockingly, about 30% of the earth’s surface is used to nurture livestock and as a breeding ground for animals. Studies suggest that the livestock and meat production and consumption equate to about 65% of carbon dioxide production. Less livestock consumption could drastically reduce the carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide released into the environment and hence would protect the ozone layer. 

Save Electricity:

By simply consuming less electricity in our homes and workspaces, we can save a lot of electricity and be green at home. Turn off the unused lights, switch off electronics that are not used anymore, and do not forget to turn off the lights when you leave your house!

Have energy saver bulbs installed in your houses and work spaces and always encourage others around you to waste as less as possible.

Use Cold Water:

According to published reports, a laundry system uses up to 90 percent of the entire electricity to heat up the water.

You may reduce your annual greenhouse emissions by up to 900 kilograms by selecting the chilled water option on your laundry basket.

Run your tumble dryer on the chilled water option instead of raising the temperature.

By doing this, you not only select the option for reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and also extend the lifespan of your clothing because hot water may damage the material and dull the hue of your vibrant clothing.

Operating your washing machine mostly on a heated water option is absolutely pointless even if you’re dealing with stains that are very difficult to remove, like coffee stains.

Install Solar Panels In Your Homes:

This is amongst the little pricier options if you decide to go green however it has long-term benefits that are worth the cost. Solar installer boulder is a great project to check out as they ensure a professional installation of solar panels and provide assistance with whatever help you might need after the installation process. 

Solar panels are worthwhile because they not just significantly reduce your energy bills but also replace the use of fossil fuels and similar other greenhouse gases to be put to work in order to generate electricity. By using up energy from the sun, these panels would surely last you for up to 20+ years and reduce your bills. 


You do not need to buy hybrid cars and spend a whole lot at WholeFoods to be green and eco-friendly. Making simple lifestyle changes could result in significant changes. You can start from the comfort of your own home and considering your budget, and simple lifestyle choices would reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases and would also reduce the likelihood of your carbon footprint!

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