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Top tallest skyscrapers in Dubai


An Overview

Dubai is the city of Skyscrapers and architectural wonders. It is one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates and is  a perfect mixture of history and innovation. Although there are many  other tall buildings in Dubai, today we are gonna talk about the top 15 skyscrapers that  rule the sky of Dubai including Burj Khalifa.


Burj Khalifa

This is the tallest building in dubai with a monstrous  height of 828 m.This building has a structure of mixed -use  development  and has 163 floors in it. The design of the building is derived from a flower named spider lily and was completed in 2009.


Marina 101

This is the second tallest building in Dubai and is located in the Marina waterfront. The building has 101 storeys and it is the world’s tallest residential building. The  structure of the building consists of many visual elements that makes it non monotonous.


Princess tower

This is the third tallest building in Dubai, situated amidst the tall skyscrapers of Dubai Marina and offers a spectacular view of the Dubai eye and the coast. It has a height of 414m. This building has a postmodern architectural style.


23 Marina

This building was completed in 2012 and has 92 floors in it. It is situated between Dubai Marina and Media city. It has a design of an octagon.


Elite residence

This building is Located in Dubai Marina and is used for overlooking the man made Palm Jumeirah Island.  Its heightis 380m and was completed in 2012.This building has 

it has 87 floors and has many luxury apartments.


The Address Boulevard

This building is situated next to Burj Khalifa at the heart of downtown Dubai. Its height is 368 m and 196 rooms and 532 service apartments. This building offers the incredible view of Burj Khalifa and the outstanding interiors.


Almas Towers

This building is located in  the Jumeirah Lake Tower Freezoneand is also known as the diamond tower. It is 363 m in height and draws inspiration from the unique shape of Diamonds.


Gevora  hotel

This skyscraper is located in Sheikh Zayed Road and is 356 m tall.This structure has 528 suites and deluxe rooms and other facilities like dining restaurant, pool deck, leisure activities and  a health club. Its name is in the Guiness book of world record for being  the tallest hotel in the world.


JW Marriott Marquis

It is a 355 m tall 5 star luxury hotel on the Business Bayon the Sheikh Zayed road. This building is made up of two towers which  have an expressionist  style of architecture which draws everyone’s attention. It draws inspiration from a palm tree which is a symbol ofArab culture.


Emirates Office towers

The emirates tower is one of the most characteristic skyscrapers that was built on Sheikh Zayed road. It was completed in the year 2000 and is 354.6 m tall. The two  towers have  54 floors along with a two storey retail  complex.



This building is 335 m tall. This building has an elliptical shaped structure and has 85 storeys in it. It is located in Dubai Marina. The height of the tower makes an  impact in the urban surroundings.


Rose Rayhaan 

This building is known as Rose tower is 333 m tall and has 72 storeys in it. It is located in Sheikh Zayed. It has a unique structure


The Address Fountain Views Tower 2

This building  is a 60 storey service apartment complex in Downtown Dubai. It is 331.4 m tall and has 786  apartments along with a new address  hotel. This building has a unique curved west facade which creates a dynamic weave pattern. It has large windows and balconies which cannot be opened.


The Index

This building is situated in the Dubai International Finance  centre. It is 328 m tall and has 80 storeys in it.  This building was the first to use design principles to combat the surrounding environment.


Al Yakoub tower

This building is 328 m tall and situated in the Sheikh Zayed road. It was initially built for residential purposes and had taken inspiration from Big Ben of London but was later converted to a 69 floor hotel.

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