An Overview 

What is so adventurous to find in Goecha La Trek? All these adventure-seeking people, you may be wondering about this right.  Here, you have many things special about Goecha La. This trek is very beautiful as it gives a very pleasant view of the Mountains. 

The misty atmosphere and greenery are all its specialties. The view of Kanchenjunga and other summits makes it yet more beautiful. Goecha La has various significance as far as it is concerned by the trekkers in the world. Goecha La is considered to be one of the large mountain ranges which are situated very near to the other mountain treks present in Nepal.


The Popularity of Goechala

Why did it become so famous? For this, we need to delve deep into the ocean of Nepal’s History. The Civil War of Nepal which started in 1996 and lasted till 2006 had given such a prominent place to Goecha La Trek. Since the country was closed for trekkers at the time of the Civil War, the adventure-seeking daredevils started finding alternatives to enter Nepal.

 Goecha La was their only consolation. The trail allowed them to examine the trek and made it the third highest mountain in the world. It promises several spectacular sights of the Singalila range from the top of Dzongri.


The Route

  • You need to reach NJP by either train or by plane. 
  • On the first day, you will have a drive starting from NJP or Bagdogra to the place called Yuksom. 
  • From Yuksom starts the trek which will be to Sachen. 
  • Then you will have to visit Bakhim and through Bakhim you will reach Tshoka. 
  • From Tshoka, the next place to visit is Phedang. 
  • From Phedang you will be reaching Dzongri. From Dzongri, you can climb to Dzongri Top. This will be possible the next morning. There you can view all those mountains as well. 
  • Then from Dzongri, you will reach Kokchurang. From there you have to come to Thansing. From Thansing, you will have a great time in Viewpoint -1 and Samiti Lake. After that, you can return to Thansing. 
  • Then through Kokchurang and Phedangyou will reach Tshoka. From Tshoka your next destination will be Bakhim and then Sachen. From there you have to return to Yuksom. 
  • As this will be a long 10 days trip, on the last day, you need to drive back from Yuksom to Bagdogra or NGP. After coming to NJP, you can take a train or plane accordingly.




Is the Sunrise of Kanchenjunga so special?

Yes, the sunrise is one of the best parts of Kanchenjunga which cannot be missed in Goecha La. The trekkers are not allowed to go to the actual pass of Goecha La but they can view it from the viewpoint and Dzongri.


The Samiti Lake

One of the most attractive things found here is Samiti Lake. It has the still water flowing through along with the reflection of certain mountains etc. making it mind-blowing.



Usually, in April and May, the environment here is fully decorated with rhododendrons which appear in pink, red, and yellow colors. This even makes a visual treat to the sightseeing people.




Goecha La can be visited for two seasons a year. One in the April-May i.e.,

during the Spring season and the other during October-November i.e., during the Autumn season.




For a walk of about 8-12 km per day, you need to be physically fit. If elders of age 58 and above are concerned, they need to take a treadmill test and should submit the report. This should be done within 7 days of registration itself.



You need to submit identity proofs along with passport-size photos. A medical certificate also needs to be provided along with the disclaimer form. This applies to Indians. Foreigners also need to submit these along with Inner Line Permit (ILP), Passport, Visa proof, etc.

 You need to carry the original and 4-5 copies of each since the printing facility is not available there. You also need to carry important things like Trekking shoes, a 50-60l Backpack, and use layers of clothes. Synthetic fiber clothes are preferred. Trek pants and T-shirts, Sunglasses, Sun cap, hand gloves, Woolen caps, Socks, Headlamp, and a pair of trekking poles. 

Do not forget to bring a rain cover to cover the backpack. You need to take essentials like water, a medical kit, snacks, etc. with you. Try to bring a toilet kit, cutlery, Plastic covers, etc. 

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