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 student life in valencia

Valencia is the third-biggest city in Spain and is a beautiful, picturesque, lively waterfront city. This city nestled in the shoreline of the immense Mediterranean Sea. The city is the epitome of peaceful yet exciting, has an indescribable charm. The best part is that it is quite affordable compared to other major cities.

Valencia is also a culturally rich bustling hub with a vibrant population, incredible food, amazing festivals, and gorgeous architecture. It has a magnificent seaside atmosphere for students with best Colleges, Universities and student accommodations Valencia, with a chill laid back vibe and dazzling coastal weather.

Student Life

Valencia has a spot in the Best Student Cities 2022 list with its top-notch, notable universities and a large buzzing student population. The city also has a ton of student-budget friendly cafes and restaurants. Valencia is a foodie paradise with its wide selection of food spots, carrying varied menus that serve dishes from every corner of the world. The local cuisine is super scrumptious as well, and you simply have to try Paella, Fideuà, and Horchata.

Not to mention, the nightlife is beyond fabulous! The Spains can party like none other; combine that with a deep-seated love and passion for music and dancing, you’ve got yourself an epic once-in-a-lifetime type university experience. The city hosts all kinds of parties all around the year and has something that caters to all music tastes. Underground raves, live music concerts, jampacked club nights, hip bars and beach parties- Valencia has it all!

Moving around the city Valencia

Valencia isn’t too enormous, so you can travel to most places on foot or by renting a bike. But, if that ain’t your speed or you have to go to a destination which is farther away. Then fret not, as the public transportation system is super well-connected. The bus, tram and metro routes cover almost every nook and cranny of the city, and will also easily get you to Madrid and Barcelona.

You can choose from an assortment of tickets and cards to fit your usage needs. One time use tickets cost about €1.50. A great option for those who are sightseeing is to get tickets for the hop-on-hop-off buses, which travel around the city’s well-known attractions. And, you can ride these buses limitlessly before the expiry time.

Sightseeing wonders

Speaking of sightseeing and attractions, Valencia has a lot of places that you can visit and awe over. The beaches, ancient heritage sites, museums, galleries, the city centre, and the Old Town- there’s plenty of beauties that are a total tourist magnet. Valencia Cathedral and The Old Town are the most popular, a historical marvel and an astonishing sight.

The City of Arts and Sciences, or the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias building, on the other hand, is super modern, kinda kooky and futuristic looking. The Garden of the Turia is another tourist favourite and is a huge stunning park that is perfect for when you need some peace and tranquillity.

Bioparc Zoo, La Lonja, Plaza de Ayuntamiento Square, Oceanogràfic are some of the other places you can hit up in your spare time. The Albufera National Park is the best spot for a chill weekend. It has lovely glistening lakes, undisturbed beaches, paddy fields and offers killer sunset views. The Central market is utterly packed with shops and stalls of all kinds and is crazy bustling. The experience is somewhat unique to the place, so you must visit it at least once.

Festivals and Celebrations

Valencia is big on celebrations and festivals, so you find something or the other happening at any time of the year. But, the two major ones are Las Fallas and La Tomatina festivals. The Las Fallas festival is a week-long celebration and attracts a ton of people to the city. It is loud, crowded in the best way possible and is amazingly fun. There’s fireworks, music, marching bands, burning effigies, paellas, fancy traditional outfits and a whole lot of cheerful spirit.

Then, you’ve got the infamous La Tomatina festival, where you get to chuck tomatoes and muck around all day long. The festival takes place in Buñol, a town in Valencia. Only a limited number of people can join in on the fun, so make sure to purchase tickets.

Student Accommodation Valencia

The city is a student haven when it comes to student accommodation. The choices are endless and come in every floor plan or room type imaginable. Studios, shared apartments, private flats, ensuites- you can find a wide variety in the student accommodation Valencia has to offer. Marina Real Valencia and Galileo Galilei Valencia are some of the more popular choices amongst the student crowd. They are located close to the campus, are near the city centre and are not too pricey either.

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