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Are traditional ways always successful? Waterless pedicure is the new self-grooming trend!

Most of us are familiar with the traditional methods of the pedicure, but have you ever imagined it without water? The waterless pedicure has become the new normal for a sanitary grooming routine. Owing to the benefits, grooming experts at Noir salon, Punjabi Bagh also prefers to use the same.

When it’s about self-grooming, a pedicure is a staple in today’s self-care trend. Having your feet pampered is a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. Most of us are familiar with the traditional method of the pedicure, but have you ever imagined it without water? It sounds to be a little out of place, but waterless pedicure has become the new normal for a sanitary grooming routine.

Soaking your feet in warm water is relaxing and also softens the cuticles, but owing to the current situation of cleanliness and sanitization, one may not know if the water being used is clean or if the tub is sanitized or not. Grooming experts at Noir salon, Punjabi Bagh also prefer to have a waterless pedicure grooming facility for males and females in their salon. They have also listed some of the common benefits of using waterless pedicures.

Clean water? Not an issue

The traditional pedicure method requires regular cleaning of water and sanitization of the pedicure tub. Whereas in waterless pedicure, as the name says, there is no water usage, which means the pedicure tub is no longer a piece of necessary equipment. The customer’s feet are cleaned with the help of a soapy warm washed cloth before starting with the entire process.

Cuticle trim befriends with the skin

If we use the traditional way of pedicure, cuticles have to be soaked in water for a longer time, which may end up in a plumped-up size. So, the cuticle trimming work may result in high chances of minor skin abrasions. Instead, using a cuticle softener cream and a cuticle tool is the best way to avoid such skin peels.

Long-lasting nail paints

In a traditional pedicure, when the nails are drenched in water, they expand and when they become dry, they retract. When we apply the nail polish after pedicure on moist gaziantep bayan escort nails, it looks beautiful, but when the nail returns to its original shape, the nail paint gets chipped off. Waterless pedicure takes care of such situations and allows the nail paint to last longer.

Diabetic-friendly service

Traditional pedicures may not be a suitable option for diabetics and fungus-prone customers, as they are wary of washing their feet in salons. Medical conditions make people more prone to catching infections. In such situations, the waterless pedicure is the best method to achieve the same relaxation and cleanliness in a more sanitized manner.

Timely perfection

Time plays an important role in everybody’s life, as every minute is precious. Traditional pedicure methods can lead to perfection but is a little time-consuming process. Whereas in the waterless pedicure method, the same perfection can be achieved within a short span of time.

Now getting a pedicure done is no longer a big task. With the waterless pedicure method, even your feet can be groomed with much perfection, within the time constraints!


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