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“What makes you unique?” interview question

What makes you unique, what sets you apart from other applicants, and what makes you stand out? – There are numerous alternative ways to phrase this interview question, but none make it simpler to respond.

Employers interviewing you for a graduate position will seek information to help them decide whether or not to hire you.

To help them distinguish you from other candidates, the best question is, “What makes you unique?”

This open-ended question can be challenging, like “tell me about yourself” and “what are your strengths and weaknesses?”

You must confidently highlight your best traits in your response while being careful to avoid sounding conceited.

Let’s first examine why companies ask this typical interview question, “What makes you unique?” before deciding how to best respond.

Why do employers ask, “what makes you unique”?

1. To give you the chance to emphasise your best qualities

The question “What makes you unique?” asks, “What abilities, traits, and experiences make you the greatest applicant for this position?”

Employers invite you to praise yourself, share your most significant traits, and explain what sets you apart from other graduate applicants by asking this question.

This is your time to highlight the qualities that make you the most qualified applicant.

It’s crucial to consider 1 or 2 critical characteristics that you know not every applicant will possess. These characteristics could be particular abilities, credentials, volunteer work, employment experience, or anything else.

2. To see whether you’ve done your research on the job role

Your answer to the interview question “What makes you unique?” will demonstrate how much you truly understand the position and the firm.

You’ll be telling the employer that you don’t know much about the job role and are probably not a good fit if your response is utterly unrelated, such as talking about your love of art in a graduate finance job interview.

3. To find out how creative you are

Employers use this interview query to assess your ability to make quick decisions. They will see that you can think creatively about why you are the best candidate for the position by your “unique” response to the inquiry.

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How would you answer, “What makes you unique?”

Start by considering…

  • A situation in which you excelled at something and received praise from your manager or a colleague.
  • Has a family member or a close friend ever commented on good quality or personality traits? Do you have a good sense of judgement, or do you offer wise counsel?
  • You could think about any extracurricular or nonacademic accomplishments you have made, as well as a time when you assisted someone or fixed a problem. What skills did you need to do this?
  • Think about the things you are most interested in or enthusiastic about.
  • Try not to focus too much on the word “unique”; even though it would be fantastic if you could, the company is not looking for you to have an initial response.
  • Select a fascinating and relevant topic, and if possible, avoid repetition by using an example that is unlikely to be used again during the interview.

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