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The Importance of Textile Product Design in Fashion Industry

Right now, textile product design has become a phenomenon for fashion designers. First, they criticize designs according to the new or future fashion trend. They improve the weaving styles and patterns on paper or the sample fabrics to convert them to 3D, where they reserve all technical forms.

Obliviously famous fashion textile designers attempt to make product design textiles according to the targeted customers. Certainly, it requires an in-depth study and practical user experience. For the design improvement, weaving pattern, quality cutting, quality fabric, and color choices are associated. Fashion designers and garment merchandisers work together to give a new look or style of fabric. Their skilled thoughts are needed for the next generation of fashion.

In this writing, we will represent the importance of textile product design in the fashion industry.

What is Textile Product Design?

The textile product designs represent the creative and functional development of fabrics. It’s a form of 3 types of clothing: mixed media fabric design, printed fabric design, and woven fabric design, which are responsible for fashion dresses. In the textile design conception, idea generation, fine arts, interior, and fashion are fundamental requirements.

Various types of designs are adorned on the fabrics using different colored yarns where knitting and weaving patterns play an important role. This is the form of textile product design. We get the expected design and style on fabric by it.

Kinds of Textile Designing:

For textile design improvement, designers print the designs on paper, then knit or weave. Let’s see the types of textile product design.

  1. Printed Textile Design

Printing is a procedure for creating textile fabrics. In the printing process, famous fashion textile designers decorate fabric using dyes, pigment, batik, blocks, etc. That is why it’s an important medium of textile design.

3. Woven Textile Design

It is easy to add textile design by weaving on fabric. On the product arranging, actual designs are followed by weft and warp weaving. We get the beautiful ground pattern on fabrics.

  1. Mixed Media Textile Design

In textile, mixed media design is a form of block printing, batik, sewing, weaving, etc., on fabric. It combines many designs that give an artistic look (fabric).

The Development of Textile Product Design in the Fashion Industry:

There is a great use of textile fabric in daily life where design and style play a powerful medium. We have already come to know the fabric design. Every design or style is the result of weaving, knitting, or printing. Famous fashion textile designers work to develop this. At present, many garment industries are producing such kinds of fabrics. If you want such kind of fabrics, you may contact the best buying house in Bangladesh.

Importance of Textile Product Design:

  • Textile fabric design is related to the structure of the yarns. So when you want to launch a new design and style on the fabric, every designer should find its quality.
  • Generally, different kinds of designs and styles are embellished on fabric using yarns. Obliviously designers should give a good mindset on yarn coloring because it ensures an attractive looking.
  • Textile product design is fixed for a specific fabric. It won’t be easy to change when a design or pattern is created.
  • It needs more time to make the textile design as it follows the special weaving technique.
  • Textile design-making cost is more than normal weaving. It requires a certain technical setup that ensures a good pattern.
  • You require textile product design if you want to highlight your brand, logo, or special artwork. It helps to introduce your band and ensures more production.
  • Normally middle-aged women and men don’t like an excessive glamorous dress. Rather they like to wear textile product design clothes. And right now, young people shows interest in this fashion.
  • People often never feel like using luxurious fabrics because of hot weather. At this time, people feel released from using textile design clothes because it becomes comfortable.
  • Who doesn’t like the creative pattern of the fabric? When you want a custom or beautiful design on your fabric, textile designing is significant. With the colored yarns, you can create various designs by weaving.
  • Textile product design is important as it produces new patterns on the fabric responsible for next-generation fabric.

Final Thought: 

Basic textile patterns and textile design are not the same things. If you want to make a good quality and artistic pattern or style on your fabric, your first choice should certainly be the product design textiles. It is expensive because you have to hire famous fashion textile designers. Though it is expensive to make, it has a good demand for future fashion

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