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Google is by far the most powerful platform on this planet. This Giant search engine has got 92% Market share   Getting a Google Business Profile for your regional business helps it pop out and gain new customers. Using the Google My Business app, you can keep track of your company’s position on Google Search and Maps. This platform lets businesses market their goods and services competently so that they can draw more people. Google established this platform to empower billions of businesses across the world. Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business (GMB), is a customizable application developed by Google that helps businesses emerge and pop out from the crowd.

Having your business listed on such a giant search engine gives you advantages more than your imagination. It facilitates you to highlight your fines qualities, provides an easy-to-use interface for users to connect to your brand and get educated about your products. Regardless of the country or location, establishing a business on Google is an important aspect of every digital marketing plan.

A Google listing is a critical process that every small business owner must adopt to optimize their Google rankings in online maps and organic results. It’s a plan of action that gives you complete control over how your company appears in Google searches. As per recent research, 46% of people search about local businesses on google. Another statistic reveals search volume of the “business near me” keyword amplified by 900%. This shows how much the Google Business profile tool has added value to the businesses.

Creating a Google Business Profile: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Log in to Gmail or Google Account

Sign in to the Gmail account you wish to use for your company. Create a new one if you don’t already have one.

Step 2: Open Google Business Profile Link in Google Search Bar

Go to Google, type Google My Business into the search bar, and choose the first page of results.

Step 3: Land on the Main Page

Once you hit the first page that appeared in the google search bar it takes you to the main page. Hit Manage Now

Step 4: Enter Business Credentials for example name, location

Create your business profile by a unique name. Make sure you have used correct spelling as there will be only one chance to display your good first impression.

Step 5: Select or add Business Category

You may add primary or secondary categories.  Note that this is an important part of creating a Google Business Profile since it determines your visibility when potential customers search for you. Therefore, pick a category and sub-categories that fits best your brand.

Step 6: Adjust Location Settings

You must first understand the distinction between a Service Area Business and a Physical Retail Business before proceeding to the next phase.

Service Area Business: This type of business doesn’t have a physical store but can deliver service to customers at their doorstep.

Physical retail or Brick and mortar Business: It’s a business with a physical location. Customers might come in and make purchases, such as at a grocery shop.

Firstly, decide whether want your address to be visible to the public or not. Click ‘Yes’ primarily if you have a physical place that clients may visit, such as a mall or an office.

In case you have a Physical Retail Business then follow the below options:

Also, inform your audiences if you have a service area. If you are running a service area business, choose ‘Yes

Step 7: Enter Contact Details (Phone, Website)

To make it easier for customers to contact you, add your contact information and website URL. You can leave that area blank if you don’t have a website. Since Google Business Profile tracks both calls and click-throughs, double-check that your information is correct. It’s also a good idea to fill in as much contact information as possible. Google will boost your SEO rating as more people contact you or visit your website via the local search listing.

Step 8: Manage Updates settings

If you want Google to send you email updates and notifications, check this box below.

Step 9: Verify your Google Business Profile

Once you’ve completed the preceding procedures, it’s time to authenticate your company. Google will verify that you are the legal owner of the business. In most scenarios, a postcard is required to authenticate your firm. However, email and phone options are also available for a few businesses. Your Google Business listing will not be visible until it has been authenticated.

Provide the details in both


Step 10:  Enter your Business Hours and permission for Messages

With the help of sliders given, choose the hours/week of operating your business.

Once you have selected click next to allow permission for messages. You may allow consumers to contact you instantly via your Google My Business listing. While it is not compulsory, it is strongly advised that you use this function because it enhances the possibility of a consumer contacting you.

Step 11: Set Business Description and Add Photos.

This is the section where you may inform your audiences about your business. The description is a fantastic spot to give a short recap of your intro, how long you’ve been there in the industry, what are your services, and anything else you believe people should know about you.

After giving a short description of your business you must add photos to make your profile more appealing to your customers. Visuals play a critical role in buyers’ decision-making process.

Step 12:  Congratulations! You’re finally done

After putting up all the hard work, finally, your Google Business Profile is here. This is what your Dashboard looks like.

Putting it Altogether

Harnessing the maximum potential of this free Google Business Profile feature can assist you in attracting, engaging, and converting new clients. Because Google is changing how consumers search for and connect with local businesses, be careful to follow the procedures outlined above if you want to connect to your audiences and engage buyers. To get the most out of this fantastic and affordable tool, start constructing, registering, and certifying your Business profile right now.

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