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New Born

Special care is necessary to treat and deal with newborn issues and requirements. What elders and even kids can utilize does not remain perfect for newborns. Hence, for this, special products and accessories hit the markets each year to give your newborn the perfect touch of simplicity and elegance. You can find a good collection at Raja Sahib in store and online. From bathing accessories to clothing and eventually toys that they love the most, you can give your newborn the perfect products to express themselves at a raw age. Below, we single out products that can come in handy for you.

Baby Bath Care products at Raja Sahib

At first, it is about bathing that needs to happen often, especially with newborns. Presently, our homes and other places of stay remain contaminated. For this, you need to involve good cleaning habits however personal care is necessary. You can use some good baby bath care products to ease your cleaning routines.

· Bath Towels

A newborn need to have the perfect sense of calmness and softness. For them, you can get a soft towel specially designed for bath times.

· Oils, Lotions, and Powders

Newborns also need the perfect accessories for softer skin. Give them dedicated skincare products.

· Shampoos & Conditioners

Bathing is incomplete without shampoos and conditioners that offer a great yet scent-full bubbling bath.

· Other Accessories

Extra accessories include cotton swabs, toothpaste, toothbrushes, wet tissues, and fragrance powders.

Baby Toys at Raja Sahib Online Store

Toys remain the first thing that a newborn and a toddler love. It helps to express their thinking ability from a young age. And it also helps them to be bolder in playing with physical products.

· Activity Toys

Activity toys are a mixture of stuffed and plastic items that involve your child using their arms and legs.

· Playing Mats

Playing mats help in keeping the playing time safer and allow your child to actively use them as a great tool.

· Pre-School Toys

Pre-school toys mostly include a set of magnetic alphabets and numbers alongside a sticky board.

· Shower Toys

Some toddlers and newborns like to express playing habits in the bathtub. For them, a good range is available such as ducks and balls set.

Feeding Products at Raja Sahib Online Store

Feeding your child is a primary part and obligation. But the items that their diet goes into the need to be free from contamination such as bacteria. For this, you shop for feeding products and cleaning items likewise.

· Breast Pumps

It is a great modern tool to help women with feeding their newborns easily. Breast pumps also allow children to have that real feel.

· Bottle Cleaning

Bottle cleaning tools help to keep the feeder and other necessary bottle products cleaner for a safer experience with the child.

· Feeders, Nipples, and Feeder Covers

Some great accessories include feeders of various sizes and additives such as nipples of sizes and feeder covers.

· Teethers

Teethers happen to be as a toy for keeping your newborn or toddler trying new ways to chuck things.

Baby Nursing and Clothing at Raja Sahib Online Store

Newborns need to get the feel of softer yet gentle touches and hugs. But you can go a step further and offer them a great feel through softer products. And all of these lie under the nursing section alongside clothing.

· Bibs and Towels

Newborns and toddlers have a hard time learning table manners early. For them, you can bring ideal products into use such as bibs and towels.

· Blankets and Wrappers

After a bathing session, they need to sleep gently within a confined space. A warm but microfiber towel offers great respite to them.

· Clothing Accessories

Clothing accessories such as caps, hats, and wristwatches alongside necklaces can make your child look like a pro early on.

· Newborn Clothing

Newborn clothing items include dungarees, pajamas, pajama suits, and causal and party suits likewise.

Baby Gears at Raja Sahib Online Store

Finally, we reach the epitome of baby accessories where everything looks macro. In essence, baby gears include all the different products that help your child to relax, enjoy, and have a happier time.

· Baby Cots

Cots are the primary thing your child needs. It is like their private space to sleep and relaxes.

· Carriers and Bags

To keep things in an organized manner, you can use different carrier bags for easy traveling.

· Carry Cots

Moving with babies and toddlers is not easy, especially during events. Rather than clinging to them, you can use carry cots for comfort.

· High Chairs

Feeding the child can be difficult unless they remain seated in a position. You can use high chairs to keep them still while an eating session.

· Storage Organizer

Within the household, you can use storage organizers to keep abundant items in the perfect place. It makes the outlook presentable.

· Walkers

A child may need toys, but for outdoors, they need a good traveling aid. You can get walkers for them to ensure soothing afternoon walks.

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