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Importance of Grain Chillers in the Present Era in India

Agriculture is a prominent sector in the economy in many countries across the globe including India. When the harvest is ready, it is required to be stored in silos. However, there is a need for mycotoxin control and chemical-based methods are used to prevent their infestation, which causes certain loss to the crops’ harvest. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of grain chillers in safeguarding the grains in storage.

Previously, when the harvest was ready after months of hard work of the farmer it was sent to various areas for utilization. It was an important source of income for the farmers. Besides, it was important for paying taxes to the authorities. Not just today, if you will trace the history of ancient Indian civilization, you will observe that the grains were stored in huge storage structures for protecting them from infestation.

Today, the harvest is stored in grand storage systems that are called silos. However, the economy and the nations have progressed a lot. Today, there is a need for efficient methods to protect the harvest from harmful infestation, but the usage of chemically formulated solutions is a larger threat to the grains as well as the health of people. Thus, opting for grain chilling devices is the best way to provide adequate protection for the annual harvest.

Why Grain Chillers are the need of the hour?

The world is no longer based on primitive methods of sustenance. Every year huge bulks of crops are harvested. When the produced harvest is not procured by the processing facilities then there could be a huge loss of content. Since the surplus needs to be secured, the grain chilling device can be of great help. Grain chilling methods are highly useful for the milling and processing facilities as they have to safeguard the food grains for the long term. The grain chillers keep the produce fresh, maintaining the nutritional content for sufficient time. Mycotoxin control is required in the stored cereals or grains as they destroy bulks of produce annually. Grain chilling devices can help in doing so.

How do Grain Chillers help in grain storage?

Grain chillers are post-harvest solutions for the companies engaged in milling and processing grains. Unlike conventional methods of drying, the grain chillers function in the mechanism of maintaining ambient conditions inside the silos. They are external equipment that is attached to the storage containers. They maintain adequate temperature inside the silos for keeping the harvest dry without losing the required moisture.

Along with that, the natural color, texture, and taste of the grains are maintained. The grain chillers are not affected by the weather conditions outside. Therefore, the grains stored inside the containers are not impacted by the weather conditions prevailing outside. The concept of grain chilling is a blessing for grain millers and processing companies.

The method of grain chilling helps in protecting the crops from the infestation of fungus and bacteria. For example, aflatoxin in corn is caused by climatic stress. When the corn is stored in the silos, the grain chillers will help in keeping such mold growth away from the harvest. There are many kinds of fungi that grow on a diverse range of harvests every year. The grain chillers can protect these harvests from the attack of fungus. If these grain chillers can be used in the post-storage solutions on the grassroots level then the impoverished population of India can be saved from the food distress that takes place almost every year.


The millers and processing facilities for grains may need to extend their storage interval. Thus, grain chillers can help better store the harvest. The grain chillers not only maintain the optimum temperature for the storage of grains but retain the natural oils and aroma in them. Thus, they are adequate in preventing the usage of harsh chemicals that destroy the nutritious content of the food grains. For protecting the harvested crops from fungal attacks, like aflatoxin in corn, grain chillers are an unbeatable option.

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