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Surely you have often heard about SEO private clinics in healthcare SEO services, and organic positioning on Google. We have addressed this topic several times on our blog. But today, we would like to take a step back and start from the beginning: what do we mean when talking about SEO in healthcare, and why is it important?

Until ten years ago, having an SEO strategy meant nothing to companies, and it was not essential to deal with this aspect. However, in recent years, healthcare SEO services have become vital in every sector, and even for private healthcare, it has been no less.

When it comes to SEO in the healthcare sector, there are many reasons why it is essential to develop it. However, private healthcare has also become highly competitive like any other sector.

What does it mean to do SEO?

By SEO, we refer to Search Engine Optimization, literally search engine optimization. Consequently, the term also includes all the methods used to improve the position (and therefore the visibility) of a page or website in search engine results.

But why is it so important to be on the front page? Because consumers stop there. Most consumers don’t dig page to page in search results when looking for a particular service or product. Yet, it is the top 3 search results for a query that receives over 50% of clicks.

The secret is to position yourself among the first 3-to 4 search results. How? Using the right healthcare SEO services. This becomes even more fundamental in the healthcare sector: adopting the right SEO strategies can make a big difference in positioning, site traffic, and patient growth compared to other facilities offering similar services.

Is there a need for Healthcare SEO services in Private clinics?

With the digitization of the last two years, amplified by the pandemic, which has strongly changed the habits of consumers, moving them more and more online, SEO has also become fundamental in this sector. If you don’t already, you need to think of your clinic as a real business that, as such, competes with other local facilities that offer the same services.

Without leveraging SEO and so many competitors waging war for the top spot on search rankings, your chances of getting noticed online are next to nil. But, we’ve already said that the higher you can rank your website rank the more likely you will get site traffic and new patients.

But why is healthcare SEO services so important in private clinics? According to research by We Are Social, more than 78% of internet users say they have searched online for health information in the past year. This means that almost all your customer base researches their health online and inquires about local facilities to solve their health problems.

This is the famous “Dr. Google,” so famous and hated by specialists in the sector. Tell the truth: did you experience any symptoms and google it to understand what it could be? Or again, how many times in the last period did you happen to type search keywords such as “Covid-19 symptoms,” “Variant Omicron symptoms,” or “Contact with positive what to do”?

By developing and implementing the right healthcare SEO services, you can organically research your clinic’s leading specialties, responding to users’ needs. When the user does a certain search, your property’s site will be among the first to appear, exponentially increasing the chances that the user will book a service at your property.

What are the advantages of doing healthcare SEO services in Private clinics?

You can get many benefits by developing a solid SEO strategy in private healthcare. Since few healthcare facilities still have a well-defined SEO strategy, starting as soon as possible is a huge growth opportunity. See below the advantages of doing healthcare SEO services in private clinics.

Increase online visibility

It is important to remember that when people search online for a particular treatment or service, they rarely scroll to more than 1-2 pages of results. This is why it is essential to position your property on the front page, but not by chance.

If not, you have a good chance of losing website traffic precisely because people will stop searching long before they get to your site. Therefore, by developing SEO activities to improve the positioning of your site and attracting target traffic when users search for a specific specialty or service, you can increase the overall online visibility of your clinic.

Increase patient confidence thanks to Healthcare SEO Services in Private clinics

By implementing healthcare SEO services in private clinics to improve the positioning of your healthcare facility’s site on the first page of search results, an automatic consequence is to increase people’s trust in the facility. Because?

It’s a reasoning that’s done subconsciously, but people tend to have a lot more confidence in the companies that appear at the top of search engine results when searching for a particular service or product. Positioning at the top of the organic search engine results pages can, therefore, also benefit your brand reputation and patient loyalty at your facility.

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Doing SEO in Private clinics helps to reduce the costs of digital marketing

As you surely already know, marketing can get expensive. In years past, healthcare marketing often involved extremely expensive methods such as radio, print, and TV advertising.

Today, however, we are talking about sponsored Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, which have a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional media if taken individually, but which begin to become expensive if you think that combined use of all three would be optimal and that the prices to see them perform. At best, they increase a little at a time quickly.

However, digital marketing is overall much cheaper, agile, targeted, and measurable than traditional marketing. Not only that: but doing SEO activities is free in economic terms. Moreover, SEO in private health is a powerful engine for organically attracting traffic.

So effective SEO can help you drastically reduce your marketing costs in the long run. It is certainly a slower process that gives long-term results (as opposed to paid advertisements), so you should start working on it immediately.

Increase website traffic through SEO

We have already explained several times that having a high-quality, performing, in-depth website and a strong online presence is essential. However, it doesn’t make much sense to have a website that gets a lot of traffic but does not target patients because this is useless and won’t do your business. The purpose of having a website is to get traffic and as many people as possible interested in the structure, to convert them into patients.

Therefore, by carrying out a correct SEO activity, you will improve the positioning of your website, which in turn will help increase traffic and attract people to target, precisely because they arrived on your site finding the answer to what they were looking for.

Excellent return on investment (ROI)

In which comes to return on investment or ROI, SEO can deliver much higher feedback than paid advertising solutions when done right. When you implement the correct healthcare SEO services, you can intercept and show your site to those already looking for the types of services and products that the structure offers.

When your clinic appears in search engine results, it will be because the person has searched for facilities that offer the same services that you also provide. This means that you are already advanced in acquiring that new customer. As one would say in marketing jargon, that customer is already well advanced in their customer journey.

If you want to find out how to, check out our article on seven tips to improve conversions and increase appointments.

SEO in Private Healthcare: an effective solution also for costs

Digital advertising and marketing costs can get high, particularly if you are marketing to those who may not be interested in your services. When you advertise in a magazine, for example, there’s a good chance that many of the people reading the magazine aren’t interested in your services or facility. So instead, they will turn the page and continue reading the magazine.

When advertising on TV or radio alike, viewers may not be interested in your advertisement and ignore it. The advantage of doing healthcare SEO services is increasing your visibility by intercepting those specifically interested in the type of service you are offering.

Rely on a specialized healthcare marketing agency in Private clinics

As you have read, effective healthcare SEO services can make all the difference for your clinic or clinic.

It is also important to remember the ever-increasing opportunity given by people looking for diseases online and our dear Dr. Google.

A correct SEO strategy does not have just one piece but multiple on and off-line components that work together towards the same goal, supported by data and analysis.

So, even if the benefits of a correct strategy can be many, to get there, you need certain know-how on the subject, but above all, certain flexibility and constant learning due to the continuous evolution of the search algorithms. This can make it very difficult to achieve substantial results without the help of an experienced practitioner.

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