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Your Guide to Roof Bedding and Pointing

Roof bedding and pointing are essential to roof restoration. Though both are crucial parts of roof restoration; however, they can mean different things. It is vital to understand how bedding and pointing work when you’re restoring your roof. Bedding and pointing are the most crucial steps in any roof restoration project. Don’t skip these necessary steps! This article has simplified the roofing and pointing process for you.

What’s bedding?

The bedding is the mortar setting that sits beneath V-shaped roof tiles. It is, in essence, the foundation that holds the roof tiles and ridge caps together. Therefore, the roof tiles won’t be held in place if there is no bedding.

What are some of the benefits of roof bedding?

  • For many years, waterproofing and weatherproofing have been possible with bedding. If left untreated, bedding can prevent water damage from leaking into your ceilings or attic.
  • Water damage can limit the penetration of mold
  • Limits water damage to ceiling wood structures
  • For extra strength in roof structures, bonding materials together

What’s pointing?

Pointing is a mortar application placed over the bedding to enhance appearance and durability. Pointing is vital because roof bedding can become cracked and worn over time. The mortar on top of the bedding can be seen around roof tiles. It’s used to fill in cracks or gaps between tiles and keep them in place. Water leakage and missing or damaged roof tiles are signs that you must repoint your roof.

What are some of the benefits of roof pointing?

  • It is visually pleasing, and the point can protect your roof from weathering or water damage. You can add an extra layer of protection to your roof by putting mortar on top of the bedding. This aspect will ensure that it lasts for many years.
  • A properly executed pointing job will significantly extend the life of your roof and help you feel comfortable in your home.
  • Protect yourself from severe weather conditions in Australia, such as heatwaves, storms, floods, heatwaves, and bushfires.
  • Roof repair costs are significantly reduced over the long term.
  • Safety of the roof is improved as all loose tiles are secured to the roof

What should I consider when I’m pointing or bedding my roof?

Although it may seem easy to do bedding and pointing, it is crucial to do the job correctly. First, you should use a mix of cement and sand to make your bedding. This action will provide a strong foundation for your roof restoration. As a suggestion, roof bedding can also be done with Fibre Bricks or Besser Blocks.

Second, professional roof restorers like Roof Ranger can do pointing correctly. Finally, you can add value to your home by pointing and bedding.

For more information and assistance, contact professional roofing contractors

Contact trusted and reliable roofing teams, such as Roofing Repair Natick MA, if you need more information about bedding or pointing. With their extensive roof restoration expertise, these professionals can offer you personalized advice and recommendations to ensure the job gets done correctly.

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