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Why you should follow physiotherapy to get rid of sedentary lifestyle?

A sedentary lifestyle just no one wants to go to anything less than the best when it comes to their health or that of their loved ones. This is why Dr. Vikrant Bhardwaj and his team of physiotherapists are the best Physiotherapists in Delhi. Dr. Vikrant established the physiotherapy clinic called Physiorevive, in order to spread awareness about physiotherapy and Dry Needling. Thanks to his wonderful treatment methods, bye is one of the best Physiotherapists in Delhi.

Sedentary lifestyle Ailments

His clinic is known to treat many physical and physiological ailments. In this article, today we will be talking about a sedentary lifestyle, which actually is the root cause of most physical and physiological ailments. Wouldn’t you love being curled up in bed for a while?

Symptoms of Sedentary lifestyle

Just imagine, no going to the office, no physical activity. Just you and your computer and no boss of yours to ask you to get the things done quickly. Sounds so comfortable, doesn’t it? This is actually the lifestyle most of us have become accustomed to, especially due to the covid -19 lockdown. But, do you know how harmful it is? This sedentary lifestyle actually is with absolutely little or no physical activity involved.

A sedentary lifestyle allows you to spend hours or even an entire day in the most inactive state, with little or no physical movement involved whatsoever. This lifestyle may seem very attractive until you have seen the consequences that you want. Unfortunately, booming technology has played a very crucial role in making people addicted to this sedentary lifestyle. For example, now right from the comfort of your home or car, you can close important business meetings, without actually being there physically.

Actual Effects of Sedentary lifestyle

The various technologies have also made our hobbies sedentary. There was a time when our hobbies involved outdoor sports, which now have been replaced by computer games watching TV. Let’s try to understand how a sedentary lifestyle actually affects your body.

Living a sedentary lifestyle can actually cause catastrophic effects on your body. The human body is designed to perform constant physical activities, so as to maintain its overall health and fitness. There are several ways in which this inactive lifestyle can affect your body. Some of them include an ineffective lifestyle that helps you burn fewer calories and hence helps you gain weight.

Due to less use of muscles, your muscle strength and endurance would also decrease. This is because you are not using your muscles as frequently as you should use. Your bones may also become inactive, as they start to experience minimum content. A sedentary lifestyle is also known to affect your metabolism, as it will make it difficult for your body to break down sugar and fats.

Decrease the Capability

A sedentary lifestyle would also decrease the capability of your body to fight infections. You may also experience poor blood circulation as a result of an inactive lifestyle. An inactive lifestyle may also cause you to be more prone to infections and inflammations. Also, you can be very prone to hormonal imbalances.

How you get benefits from Physiotherapy

In order to get rid of a sedentary lifestyle, physiotherapists suggest that one should at least do 75 minutes of rigorous exercises, which should be followed by 300 minutes of less rigorous exercises.

By indulging regularly in exercises prescribed by physiotherapy, you reduce the risk of diseases like obesity, alleviated blood pressure, heart diseases which include heart attacks and coronary artery diseases, alleviated cholesterol levels, stroke, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, breast cancer, colon and uterus cancer, depression and anxiety.

So, ultimately practicing physiotherapy exercises will reduce the chances of you developing any kinds of lethal diseases. In transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one, physiotherapy exercises are the key. You may begin with the exercises at a slower rate and then start moving towards a faster pace and more intense exercises.

Benefits of Extra Exercise

While it is important to do more exercises after a certain time, at the same time it is important to understand that you should not overwhelm yourself. And, always ask your physiotherapist before doing so. This transition that involves physiotherapy exercises should be slow and steady and with high intensity. You should always consider your age factor while starting with any kind of physiotherapy exercise regime. There are numerous exercises available in physiotherapy for all age groups.


Physiotherapy is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of a sedentary lifestyle.

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