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Why do most Jains believe in Kundali matching before marriage?

Despite having its roots in India, Jainism is so closely related to Hinduism that many people, including Jains, don’t view it as a distinct religion. Depending on the sect, locality, and personal preferences, various Jains adhere to Jainism in different ways. Of course, this entails visiting numerous temples, participating in festivals, and fasting.

Indian marriages are mostly determined by how well the kundalis match. Planning weddings in India, particularly in the Hindu culture, has long involved a practice known as kundali milan, sometimes known as kundali matching. The birth charts or horoscopes of a boy and a girl are examined by a priest or an astrologer. Additionally, they offer a Kundali Milan astrological road map based on the Dasha, or durations, of the planets and gunas. Astrology gives marriage counseling if a person’s horoscope contains any evil planets.

The thinking, behaviour, temper, hobbies, and aptitude of both partners are predicted by kundali matching. This ensures a happy marriage. A marriage cannot continue if there is no sense of desire toward one another, hence the level of physical attraction is also put to the test. The future bride and groom’s health should also be taken into consideration. Horoscope matching also indicates this.

Jainism and Hinduism both adhere to a number of the same rituals. Horoscope matching is one of these practices. Both the Jain calendar and Jain astrology are comparable to the Hindu calendar. Horoscope matching is not accepted by all Jains, although many do. It has hardly ever seen a Jain go to a Jain priest; most Jains see an astrologer or a Hindu priest for this.

The Kundalis of the bride and husband are matched prior to the wedding in large part to ascertain their general marital compatibility. There are 36 different gunas in astrology, and they are matched to determine a couple’s compatibility and potential financial success. If the gunas need help, an astrologer could suggest a few remedies.

The negative impacts of Dashas on marriage and the future of the pair are also offset by matching Kundlis. The future of a person is determined by the positions of various planets and stars at the time of birth. They can occasionally produce Dashas like the Mangal Dasha and the Shani Dasha thanks to their locations. The marriage is hampered by these Dashas. Kundli matching may be used to identify certain dashas, and astrologers can give you advice on how to perform pujas to avoid the problems these dashas can cause.

The computations also take into account the adjustment parameter. The girl and boy’s ability to adjust to one another, their different families, and changing circumstances is one of the criteria used in the matching ceremony.

Horoscope matching could offer predictions and insight into a couple’s future as a unit. The likelihood of having children, marital happiness, and lifespan are also predicted using this strategy. Forecasts may also include details on the duration of the marriage, the chance of a divorce or breakdown, and how the presence of their partner will affect their ability to do their jobs.

Therefore, before a marriage is completed, some of the Jain people typically discuss horoscope compatibility. Above all else, kundali matching is done to ensure that the newlyweds have a happy married life for the rest of their lives. Today many Jains registered on Matrimonial sites to find partners for marriage. Jain matrimony is the best option to easily search for Jain marriage matches.

Jain and Budh were essentially on equal footing. However, both are currently engaged in several activities that were either prohibited or went against their respective systems. There was no picture of Budh in Buddhism. After that, a tree was drawn and treated as though Buddha were present. Now since things have changed over time and from person to person, not all Hindus match their kundalis.

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