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Why College Students Should Get Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is an excellent investment for college students. It can protect your belongings, which include everything from expensive electronics to clothes and furniture. It’s also easy to get — all you have to do is buy it!

The cost of a policy can be as low as $10 per month, and it doesn’t have to be any more expensive. You can quickly get one for a few hundred dollars or even less. If you live in a dorm or apartment with roommates, they might also want to get their insurance!

School Assisted Renter’s Insurance

If you have school-sponsored health coverage through your university or college—especially if it’s offered through an insurance plan known as “self-insured.” This sponsor means that the school takes care of everything related to claims), so there’s no need for renters insurance. 

However, if this isn’t the case and your university has its student health services department, which provides some forms of medical coverage. However, it does not cover everything like hospital visits, then having renter’s coverage is still worth considering because:

It offers a range of coverage.

Renter’s insurance for an apartment or house is an excellent way to protect yourself and your possessions in case of an accident or theft. It covers you against liability, personal liability, car accidents, and more.

  • Liability coverage: If you are sued by someone who has suffered injuries because of something on your property or in your home (such as if someone slips on ice outside), this type of cover will pay for medical care and legal fees.
  • Personal Liability: This covers injuries sustained by people visiting your home from another state because they have been injured while traveling through the area where you live. For example, if someone gets hit by lightning while vacationing with friends but lives in Wisconsin instead of Florida.”

You may already have some coverage with your parents’ insurance.

If you live at home and your parents have insurance, you will likely already have coverage under their policy. Your parents don’t have any homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and are paying for everything themselves (and they can afford to), then there’s no reason they shouldn’t get one either!

You can add it to your parents’ policy.

If you have parents who don’t have renters insurance, it’s easy to add it to their policy. You can ask them about adding it in advance or contacting the company directly and asking for an underwriting decision.

  • After graduation: If you’re graduating soon, consider adding your policy immediately. Coverage will be available when needed if anything happens while studying abroad or living at home with friends/family after graduation (like when moving out).
  • After marriage: If only one of your parents has homeowners insurance but both share custody of the family home together (and therefore need renters insurance), then consider getting married before they get married! This way, all three parties’ policies will match up perfectly since they won’t be changing each other’s names once again around here anymore.

You can buy it for your dorm or apartment and add it later to your parent’s homeowner’s policy.

While it’s easiest to buy the renter’s insurance policy before you move into your dorm room, there are a few situations where it may be better to wait. For example, if you live in an apartment building, the landlord might already offer renters’ insurance as part of their lease agreement.

Suppose that’s not an option and your parents can’t help with this expense (and they probably won’t be able to). In that case, another option is adding renter’s insurance on top of your parent’s homeowner’s policy when you move out of college and into a house or apartment of your own.

You can build up your insurance history.

You may not have known this, but if you get a rental car insurance policy and make a few claims, you can build up enough experience to get a later discount on your insurance. 

The reason is that many companies will give discounts based on how long you have been with them and how much money they think you should pay for coverage. This discount can mean you keep renting cars continuously over time (and therefore make many claims). Then eventually, the company will be willing to offer better rates because they know they can trust whatever information they share — even though most people don’t want their personal information shared in such ways!

Renter’s insurance is important for college students and often doesn’t cost much.

Renter’s insurance is important for college students and often doesn’t cost much. It protects you if your apartment or condo gets broken into or if something happens to it while you’re away. You’ll also be covered if there’s an accident on the road, so long as the damage wasn’t caused by hail or lightning strikes. 

If someone trips over a cable in the hallway, they can claim their loss under this policy instead of paying out-of-pocket (and then probably sue whoever owns those cables).

There are several different types of renter’s policies available:

  • Basic: Covers basic living expenses (rental payments) but not other losses such as theft or property damage; usually requires a $1 million limit per claim. The average price range for basic policies varies from state to state, depending on factors like climate zone and popularity.
  • Basic Plus: It also covers basic living expenses and adds coverage for personal belongings that aren’t typically covered under standard policies–such as clothing items lost during break-ins. Jewelry is stolen within specific timeframes; contact lenses are destroyed due to contact lens contamination during surgery. 
  • Business Ownership Coverage: Provides business ownership protection against physical injury incurred during operations at work sites where employees perform manual labor tasks such as moving heavy objects around outside environments where heat exposure can occur. Professional Liability Coverage: Gives protection against lawsuits filed against professionals who make mistakes while doing their job duties (doctors/nurses)


If you’re a college student, it’s probably safe to say you’re concerned about your finances. You might be worried about how much money you’ll have left after paying for tuition and living expenses or maybe even saving up enough cash to invest in real estate or stocks. Fortunately, there is one easy way to protect yourself from these financial pitfalls—and it doesn’t cost much!

Fred Parson

To provide quality information on insurance and a resource for customers to help them research, evaluate, and decide on the right company and policy.

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