Why Choose a Marketing Agency to Generate Leads?

You are a company, and you want to develop your sales with qualified leads, then the implementation of an effective marketing strategy to attract new customers. However, it should be noted that with the competition raging in this digital age, implementing a strategy that works every time is not always an easy task. And especially if you do not have the qualified skills in-house. Outsourcing your lead generation campaign by entrusting it to a marketing agency like ALPHA is an effective solution for obtaining the best leads on the market.

Definition of Lead Generation

Lead generation is a crucial step in a company’s marketing strategy by a brand strategist. Indeed, the expression lead generation or lead generation is generally used in B to C and B to B marketing. It designates a set of techniques for collecting information on business contacts who have expressed an interest in a service or product. Thus, from the collected information, it will be easy to know if a contact is qualified or not. In addition, the acquisition techniques usually used are, among others: emailing, natural or paid referencing, telephone calls, trade shows, social networks, direct mail, telemarketing, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, etc.

Moreover, when we talk about leadership, many people tend to automatically confuse it with the prospect. Indeed, it should be noted that the lead in BtoB or BtoC is nothing more than a simple commercial contact obtained during a purchase cycle. This contact can however be disqualified or qualified. On the other hand, a qualified contact joins the notion of prospect. It represents a qualified lead whose profile meets your expectations.

Similarly, it is important to remember that there are two categories of qualified leads in marketing: Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).  This is the first stage of transformation. The (SQL) is an advanced conversion step because the lead is contacted and is about to place their first order.

Importance of lead generation for a business

Lead generation has many benefits for a business. Whether to boost sales, maximize return on investment, stand out from competitors, etc. There are countless reasons to implement a lead gen strategy.

Win new customers

To sell your product and increase your sales, you need customers. But, with the development of digital, competition is important in all sectors of activity. To win customers and ensure the continuity of your business, it is essential to find a strategy for recruiting qualified customers. Lead generation, therefore, represents an essential technique for acquiring new customers and achieving your business objectives. It is also an effective solution that will allow your company to anticipate a possible risk of attrition. However, for the effectiveness of your lead management strategy, it is advisable to know your leads well from the start of the buying process, to better leverage your marketing investment.

Develop the visibility of your business

Lead generation is a marketing strategy that must be implemented by any structure that wishes to develop its visibility. When you generate qualified business leads, you have the chance to quickly turn those leads into customers for your business. By being satisfied with your offer, they become your brand ambassadors because they trust you. They will recommend your products and services to others for free on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, or even through word of mouth.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

A lead generation goes beyond simply developing your sales force. Indeed, a successful lead generation campaign is a better way to develop your notoriety on social media and Google. Thus, with the merciless competition on the web, good visibility will improve your position on search engine pages. With effective targeting and high traffic, you will be able to easily differentiate yourself from your competitors and capture a significant share of the market. To establish your notoriety, our lead generation agency implements an effective inbound marketing strategy to generate highly qualified leads to set you apart from the crowd.

Why outsource your lead generation campaign?

Given the opportunities presented by lead generation, it is important for the success of your web strategy to entrust your lead management campaign to a team of qualified experts. Indeed, outsourcing your lead prospecting campaign offers many privileges.

Benefit from expert advice and an outside view

By entrusting your lead generation project to a digital marketing agency, you benefit from support throughout your campaign. You also benefit from the advice of qualified professionals. Each of our specialists in their field will bring you their expertise to improve your visibility. Which is not easy when you entrust this mission to an internal employee. Also, when you only work with your internal resources, the probability of seeing all the flaws in your strategy is very low. On the other hand, by seeking the services of an external professional, you benefit from a new perspective on your business.

Track your advertising campaign

When you outsource your lead acquisition strategy, you can track all stages of your campaign through trade advertising. This is thanks to activity reports that are regularly made available to you. In this way, you will be able to follow the evolution of your KPIs by updating them daily. Internal recruitment will not allow you to have a global view of your KPI. By recruiting an external service provider, you also benefit from high-performance technological tools to carry out your mission.

Save your money and time

A lead generation campaign has a cost. However, entrusting your project to an external service provider will cost you less than internalizing it. This process allows real control of your budget in real-time. The reason is simple. With a quality lead gen agency, you set a price for the entire project by mutual agreement, and you are sure to have a job well done. Internally, you will pay double in salary for the same service. Furthermore, by outsourcing your acquisition campaign, you can now focus on the essentials of your business.

Benefit from the rapid processing of your leads

In marketing, the speed at which leads are analyzed and processed is an aspect that should not be overlooked. Often internally, we accumulate enough delay in the processing of leads. This could lead to a loss of all these commercial contacts. When you entrust your lead generation mission to a web marketing agency, you have precision in the results obtained. The agency has only one objective, that of generating leads and processing them effectively.

To take advantage of these innumerable advantages linked to the outsourcing of your marketing strategy, it is wise to choose a professional web marketing agency such as the ALPHA agency. Indeed, we are a lead generation agency with many years of experience. We are available to support you throughout your project.

The reasons to choose the ALPHA agency to generate leads

Requesting the services of the ALPHA agency means ensuring the success of your business. Thanks to our know-how, we have been supporting companies for several years in the development of their commercial strategy, the acquisition of qualified leads, the increase in their turnover, and the improvement of their brand images.

Our expertise also relates to natural (SEO) and paid (SEA) referencing, inbound marketing, design of client websites, social media, creation of landing pages, writing quality content for the feeding of web pages, automation marketing, etc. It is therefore all these skills that we put at your disposal to provide you with better results as soon as possible.

You benefit from personalized service and advice from our team made up of specialists from different backgrounds. As a web marketing agency, we work as your partner, aligning our marketing strategy with your business needs. We use the best-performing acquisition channels to execute your campaign. Beyond our mission of generating leads, we offer action plans to develop your visibility and increase your sales force. Our team is at your disposal and is available to answer all your concerns. Thanks to the quality and transparency of our services, customers leave satisfied, and everyone trusts us. The success of our customers is our priority.

How much does a lead generation campaign at ALPHA cost?

Lead generation has many benefits. It is a marketing strategy that does not require a large investment. Not only is it less expensive, but also has an advantage in terms of efficiency. Any company, regardless of its size, can opt for this strategy to develop its business. Indeed, to make your investment profitable, we first carry out investigations to identify your needs before setting a price.

Having a vision of ROI focused on the profitability of our actions, we work according to your budget. Whatever your means, your sector of activity, and your target, we are ready to accompany you. We will also create tailor-made campaigns for you. We show transparency in terms of approach and lead acquisition prices. Contact us to receive your free quote.

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