What Aspects Should I consider For A Perfect office cleaning

As we have already mentioned before, having a strategic Cleaning Plan can help your company create a good work environment, increase the productivity of your staff and make your company much more competitive in your sector. of activity. For this reason, at SCS Group Integrated Services, we want to make clear to you some aspects that you must consider before facing any planning in the office cleaning or corporate rooms.

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These are the most important:

Periodicity of the office cleaning service:

One aspect that you must expect in advance and plan when keeping your company clean and tidy is the frequency with which the service will be applied. The most common is to calculate the number of times that the cleaning service will be executed weekly. To do this, you must assess the size of the facilities to be cleaned and the number of employees who work in them.

The larger these facilities are and the more staff work in them, the more frequently you will need. At this point we want to emphasize emphatically: some companies think that they can save a few euros by reducing the number of services per week, and this is totally untrue. If we distance each weekly cleaning service a lot, the number of hours needed to carry out a correct and professional cleaning will be greater, and therefore, you will risk increasing your budget or not optimizing it as you should. Saving on cleaning can also cost you more in the future.

Office structure, equipment, and materials:

In order to carry out a good office cleaning plan, it will be of vital importance that the Comprehensive Services company know the spatial structure of the office, as well as the equipment and materials it has. The reason for this importance is that in this way, the professional office cleaning company will be able to accurately plan the machines, tools, and products that it will use in your facilities.

Business activity:

The activity to which we dedicate your company will be essential to developing a cleaning plan adjusted 100% to your needs and resources. In this sense, it is not the same that elements or chemical products are handled in your organization, and that only administrative activity is carried out. At SCS Group Integrated Services, we take this seriously, which is why our work processes always encourage us to get to know the facilities and activity of our client companies on-site in order to carry out our services in the most effective and efficient way possible.

So, What Steps Should My Office Cleaning Plan Follow?

As in any self-respecting strategic plan, the procedure and guidelines to follow are an essential part of the success of the plan. These steps, which we present to you below, are general, but they are normally the ones that prioritize the execution of the cleaning service and elevate it to the category of the action plan. Take good note that we start:

Safety above all else:

The Comprehensive Services company that is going to carry out your cleaning plan must put security elements first. When we talk about safety, we refer to the use of work clothing and equipment by your employees. The correct signage of the different areas in the cleaning process, as well as the clear and distinct identification of specific cleaning products. Safety is essential both for the workers of the cleaning company and for the workers of the workplace.

Room ventilation:

To breathe a good work environment, what we mainly need is to breathe the cleanest and most regenerated air possible. Therefore, the effective ventilation of all rooms and offices will be crucial.

Cleaning of litter bins in offices:

The next step after the ventilation of the offices will be to remove it. All the residues and waste that house the litter bins of the offices as well. It will be of crucial importance to remove the organic waste. These can generate bad odors and dirt in the offices or dependencies of your company.

Cleaning of windows and glass in offices:

The cleaning of windows and glass is an essential point in the office cleaning plan. Since they are elements where dirt is more noticeable and that convey a healthy image or not of your company. For the crystals, an intense periodicity in the cleaning service will not be necessary. Although it will depend on elements such as inclement weather, pollution, or the traffic of vehicles in the area. Regarding crystals, and interior glass mirrors, things are different: the periodicity in their cleaning will be less spaced. Since they are elements where the dirt is more palpable.

Office furniture cleaning:

One of the most used elements in an office is furniture. Its daily use by workers and customers makes cleaning something very regular and fundamental. We must consider the materials from which said furniture is made. In case, the professional cleaning company in Sydney needs to use special products.

Cleaning and disinfection of electronic devices in offices:

Currently, the electronic elements of an office, such as keyboards, mice, printers, or touch screens,  use by different people. This means that these elements become real nests for bacteria and germs. Disinfection and cleaning with specific products will be a vital task. To preserve and maintain the office as a healthy space. Away from sources of infection, we must regularly carry this out.

Floor and pavement cleaning in offices:

One of the last steps that a cleaning service must be carried out in the office is cleaning the floors. Optimal signaling of the areas in the cleaning phase is especially relevant to avoid any accident. After that, the sweeping process will finish washing the soil through processes, tools, machinery, and specific products for each soil.

Office toilet cleaning:

What are we going to tell you don’t already know? The toilets are, normally, one area that requires greater thoroughness when carrying out cleaning tasks. The company that carries out the cleaning of the toilets must fully comply with the legally established hygiene standards. We will cut the periodicity down, and someone must carry out regularly the cleaning of toilets. Since, in bathrooms and toilets, bacterial sources speed up their growth.

So now you know. Having a cleaning plan in your office will benefit you. Above all, it will help you implement a good work environment among all your staff. It will make you convey a clean, orderly, and trustworthy image of your company. It will be an essential point in the future development of your work processes and routines.

At SCS Group Integrated Services we will be happy and 100% available to help you in preparing your Cleaning Plan. To do this, we put at your disposal all the contact channels. We can talk calmly and with no commitment. On our website, you will find all these contact methods. As well as information and advice, so that the cleaning and maintenance of your offices. Have a professional service that is perfectly adjusted to your needs and resources. As always, thank you very much for reading this far. We hope we have helped you.





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