Unveiling Oman with an E-Visa: Top 3 Hidden Gems in the Sultanate for 2024

Oman, known for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, is a destination that should be on every traveler’s list. While the Sultanate boasts famous sites like the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and the ancient forts of Nizwa, it also hides numerous lesser-known treasures waiting to be explored. With the convenience of an e-visa, visiting Oman has never been easier. Here are the top three hidden gems in Oman that you should explore in 2024.  Also, you can read the Oman travel guide here:  https://offvisa.com/fr/news/oman-travel-guide-what-you-need-to-know-for-travel

1. Wadi Shab: A Serene Oasis

Wadi Shab, located near the town of Tiwi, is one of Oman’s most picturesque valleys, offering a perfect blend of adventure and tranquility. This stunning wadi, characterized by turquoise pools, lush plantations, and dramatic cliffs, is a haven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Getting There and Exploring:

Wadi Shab is easily accessible by car from Muscat, taking about an hour and a half to reach. Once there, you’ll need to take a short boat ride to cross the river and start your hike. The trail, which takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour, winds through rocky terrain and alongside clear water pools.


  • Hiking: The hike to Wadi Shab is moderately challenging but rewarding, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  • Swimming: At the end of the trail, you’ll find crystal-clear pools perfect for a refreshing swim. Be sure to swim through the narrow gap between rocks to discover a hidden cave with a waterfall.
  • Photography: The natural beauty of Wadi Shab makes it a photographer’s paradise, with numerous opportunities to capture breathtaking shots.

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2. Masirah Island: An Untouched Coastal Paradise

For those seeking an off-the-beaten-path destination, Masirah Island offers an untouched coastal paradise with pristine beaches, diverse marine life, and a tranquil environment. Located off the east coast of Oman, this island is ideal for travelers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Getting There and Exploring:

Masirah Island can be reached by a ferry from Shannah port, which is a four-hour drive from Muscat. The ferry ride takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, providing a scenic journey across the Arabian Sea.


  • Kite Surfing: The island’s consistent winds and clear waters make it a popular spot for kite surfing, attracting enthusiasts from around the world.
  • Turtle Watching: Masirah is one of the largest nesting sites for loggerhead turtles. Visitors can witness these magnificent creatures laying eggs on the beaches, especially between June and August.
  • Beachcombing and Relaxation: The island’s secluded beaches are perfect for leisurely walks, shell collecting, and soaking up the sun in a peaceful setting.

3. Jebel Akhdar: The Green Mountain

Jebel Akhdar, meaning “The Green Mountain,” is part of the Al Hajar mountain range and offers a refreshing contrast to Oman’s desert landscapes. This mountainous region is known for its terraced farms, fruit orchards, and cool climate, making it a perfect retreat for nature lovers and hikers.

Getting There and Exploring:

Jebel Akhdar is accessible by a 4×4 vehicle from Nizwa, taking about an hour and a half. The journey itself is an adventure, with winding roads and panoramic views of the mountains and valleys.


  • Hiking and Trekking: The area offers numerous hiking trails, ranging from easy walks through villages to challenging treks up the mountains. Popular trails include the Wadi Bani Habib trail and the Al Hajar trail.
  • Exploring Villages: Visit traditional Omani villages like Al Ayn and Al Aqur, where you can see ancient terraced farms and interact with local residents.
  • Fruit Orchards: Jebel Akhdar is famous for its pomegranates, apricots, and roses. Depending on the season, you can witness the harvesting of these fruits or the blooming of rose gardens, which are used to produce the renowned Omani rose water.


Oman’s hidden gems offer unique experiences that showcase the country’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage. With the convenience of an e-visa, exploring these off-the-beaten-path destinations has never been easier. Whether you’re hiking through the serene Wadi Shab, relaxing on the untouched beaches of Masirah Island, or trekking the terraced farms of Jebel Akhdar, Oman promises an unforgettable adventure in 2024. Plan your trip with Offvisa and discover the lesser-known treasures of the Sultanate.

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