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Trends 2022: fashionable entrance doors

In 2022, experts highlight 5 places in the design of entrance doors. They are relevant for both private houses and apIn home decor items, every detail can make a difference in the overall concept of your dream interior. One of the most notable elements is the choice of modern door design in 2022, which is worth paying special attention to as it shapes both the interior and exterior of your home.

Doors, selected according to the interior of your home, can add exclusivity to the interior of your apartment or country house.

Interior and exterior doors come in a wide variety of materials, formats, types, frames and sizes.artments.

Fashion trends 2022: Crittall door style

The Crittall  style doors have become very popular and fashionable in recent years as home furnishing elements. Doors in this style have gained such popularity that you can also find designs in this style designed to be used as shower doors.

In addition, they can serve as doorway connectors, partial walls or partitions in dining and living areas.

Modern doors 2022: latest trends + interior photos

The Crittall style is the perfect alternative to zoning space, as it allows you to separate rooms, but at the same time have more space and light. The modern and trendy look of Crittall will brighten up any interior, transforming it into an ultra-modern space.

Modern shapes and sizes

When you’re thinking about purchasing a new door for your apartment, it’s important to double check the exact measurements you need. Despite the fact that there is an opinion that the dimensions of the frames are standard, it will not be superfluous to make sure of this again.

In general, most of the 2022 modern door designs come in standard sizes.

However, if you are prone to changing sizes or shapes, you can certainly find some exclusive designs in stores or have them made to order.

Modern doors 2022: latest trends + interior photos

In addition, we recommend that you pay even more attention to the dimensions if you are going to choose an innovative way of opening doors.

Currently, designers recommend using high front doors. This can help visually enlarge the space if you can’t do the trick with a high ceiling.

Stylish contrast

2022 is the year of amazing color combinations. For example, Pantone named the main colors of the year deep gray (Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray) and bright yellow (Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating).

With the onset of the pandemic, people began to spend more time at home, and many people liked the neutral natural shades. Designers have chosen beige, earthy, terracotta, clay and other natural shades in the fashion palette of 2022. Entrance doors in a secure and deep color scheme will give the owners a sense of confidence and tranquility

If harmony is expected from the interior decoration of the door, it can be combined with the interior of the hallway in color or texture. The external facade can contrast with the exterior of the house.

Custom design and minimalism

Mixed design ideas are welcome to surprise guests and make them feel at home. You can safely combine metal with wood, glass with metal, wood with stone and use a wide variety of decor.

Conciseness is the main motive in the design of entrance doors. Designers focus on the color and texture of the material, using possible solutions:

  • strict and clear lines
  • monochrome
  • symmetrical forged elements

Glass and steel

When choosing doors for loft and industrial style houses, you should give preference to smooth, monochrome materials. A front door with glass is likely to let more natural color into the house and attack the lightness of the facade.

Designers deliver on freedom and comfort. Such non-standard door designs have a number of advantages:

  1. Convenience. Wide front doors freely enter the house of the whole family, bring in a bicycle, a pram, garden furniture or a barbecue grill.
  2. Visual expansion of space. The facade of the house, decorated with high doors, looks more representative, and the building itself seems higher.
  3. Elegant appearance. Wide door leaves are formed firmly and brightly, emphasizing the high status and good taste of the owners.
  4. It is possible to enlarge the doorway and install a door of a non-standard size in the apartment. It provides free passage and ergonomics.

To sum up

You can choose an entrance door for your design – a project and order its installation in secure-house.co.uk in London.

Source of information: secure-house.co.uk

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