Train to offer a practical and non-invasive solution to baldness

Capillary micro pigmentation ( Tricopigmentation )

Capillary micro pigmentation ( Tricopigmentation ) and Micropigmentation ( Scalp ) are techniques from different cultures. Mastering all the methods gives you the guarantee of assimilating all the indications; Shaved Effect, Densification, and Density to best satisfy your customers.

You will respond to men and women who suffer from hair loss, baldness, alopecia areata, universal alopecia, or androgenetic alopecia. At the end of the training, you will perform perfect procedures and offer your patients the guarantee of an  effective  and  undetectable solution

Hair Micropigmentation Training

Pgmnt.fx is offering the best care to clients as we want to magnify your beauty and be the very best of you. We will always strive to deliver exceptional customer SMP service as we value and guarantee our commitment to clients and the community.

Apart from this, we are also offering Scalp micro pigmentation Training

Shaved effect :

Ideal for candidates who no longer have enough hair. At the end of the procedure, the optical illusion of being clean-shaven will be undetectable; the integration of the crown, the creation of a natural and refined frontal line, the guarantee of a balanced evolution over time.

Densification  :

Intended for men and women, this technique integrates pigments on the areas that leave the scalp visible and combines them to create optimal density. This technique is ideal for candidates whose baldness process is not yet stabilized.

Scar camouflage :

Following an accident, surgery, or a hair transplant (FUT, FUE), you can camouflage all types of scars.

Benefit from an advanced handpiece with the purchase of 2 basic modules

Do you want to continue your training? Let yourself be tempted by the density effect training module, a tricopigmentation technique suitable for both men and women with baldness? By subscribing to the shaved effect and the density effect, we offer you a cordless handpiece for advanced derma pigmentation procedures. This latest generation equipment is undoubtedly the ideal tool for practicing any micro pigmentation and tricopigmentation technique. Do not hesitate to offer your customers a solution adapted to their situation.

Learn micro hair pigmentation via our online module

It is possible for those who do not have the opportunity to free themselves during the four days of training to assimilate the technique via our e-learning platform. Our experts have developed two modules dedicated to achieving a shaved effect and projecting the hairline.

This version offers many advantages for learning this medico-aesthetic process, such as:

  • Unlimited content available ;
  • Follow the course at your own pace ;
  • Explanation of the technique step by step ;

Ask our experts for advice to assimilate & integrate the training module adapted to your needs.

Proficiency in procedures offers an interesting positioning in the hair loss treatment sector. This discipline is booming and responds to all the indications in the face of hair disorders. This method makes it possible to diversify its activities by offering an innovative, effective and sustainable solution.

Scalp Micropigmentation can not be improvised, and the practice will directly influence your level of integration and performance. Our team of experts will make sure to prepare your session in the best possible conditions and will accompany you during your apprenticeship.

The training modules that we offer are of high quality and are very invested in transmitting our knowledge and our know-how. The degree of requirement and the intensity guarantee the acquisition of a sufficient level for a professional launch.

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