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Top Tips for Commercial Roof Maintenance

Management of a commercial building can be a difficult task. It is not enough to manage your commercial property day-to-day; you must also negotiate leases, collect rent, clean, and schedule cleaning.

Your roof is critical to your tenants’ safety and the building’s structural integrity. Therefore, you should address any problems immediately to avoid costly damage. But, how can you ensure that your annual inspection is thorough? 

When your roofer or team examines your roof, these are vital considerations.

What to Look For When Inspecting Your Roof System

Commercial property owners and managers need to inspect their buildings regularly. Looking at these signs, you can tell if your roof needs repairs or replacement.

These are tips to help you inspect your commercial roof system.

Keep maintenance logs

A history of roof maintenance activity and repairs is a valuable asset. In addition, keeping a maintenance log for your property is essential, which can also be helpful when you make repairs or sell it.

It would be best if you kept a log that records who is on your roof, their dates and times, and where they were (maintenance and inspections, repairs, etc.).

Take note of everything that you see during your inspection

Keep track of all the items you see – flashing, vents, etc. Do you think it is good (no action necessary), fair (monitor), or poor (take immediate steps)? What measures are needed – repair or replacement? In what location of the roof is the damage? If possible, take photos and document damage to the roof.

Create a customized toolkit

You will need a toolkit to inspect your roof. You will also need a checklist, roof plans or aerial photos, a pen and paper for notes, a camera to capture any damage, a flashlight, and a tape measure.

Take a look at the walls

What’s the state of your walls right now? It would help if you looked for dark spots and signs of mold. Are they wet? These are warning signs of potential mold growth. Get the area inspected immediately and tested.

Examine vents and chimneys

It would be best to inspect the areas around chimneys or vents for dampness. This action can indicate that flashing needs to be replaced or repaired.

Take a look at your attic

Are you getting enough ventilation into your space? Are cracks or damage to the decking visible in the rafters and sheathing? Is there light where it shouldn’t? These are all signs of potential wear, which, if not addressed promptly, can lead to expensive and severe repairs.

Be on the lookout for leaks

Are there any visible leaks? You should report leaks as soon as they are found. If left untreated, they can lead to mold, rot, and structural damage. Take pictures, document locations, and call a professional roofer to inspect.

Examine for visible damage

Look for visible damages and large objects blocking your roof’s drainage system. Are there any apparent signs of damage to your roof? Inspect for damaged gutters or downspouts. To prevent any future damage, your team can immediately address these problems.

Wear and tear

Make sure to inspect flashing, chimneys, and vents. Is your roof falling? Is there anything missing? Do you see any signs that your roof is deteriorating, rusting, or corroding? You should contact your roofing professional if you find any of these symptoms.

Check these aspects on a flat roof

Check for punctures, holes, or ponding in the material. Also, be aware of anything that might have pulled away from the roof.

As a manager or owner, a professional roofer should inspect your building every spring and fall. They can identify and fix problems and advise you on more serious issues that your team may not have noticed.

Getting a professional roofer, such as Roof and Siding Repair Framingham MA, is the best way to get immediate help if you have questions or are concerned about your roof.

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