Top Five Vocabulary Strategies for English Language Learners

Knowing how to utilize words in accordance to their meaning is known as vocabulary. It takes more than just looking carefully at vocabulary words and using them in sentences to expand one’s vocabulary.

Vocabulary development is crucial for English language learners. The typical native English speaker knows at least 5,000 words when they started kindergarten. The typical English language learner may comprehend 5,000 words in their mother tongue but just a handful of terms in English. English language learners must first lay a foundation and then close the gap, whereas native speakers carry on with picking up new words. Application of strategies significantly increased the vocabulary of English language learners, highlighting the importance of vocabulary towards language competency (Jaikrishnan and Ismail, 2021).

There are some strategies which can help English language learners to acquire vocabulary. These top 5 strategies are listed below:

  • Pre-teach vocabulary in English Language

Pre-teaching vocabulary is usually beneficial, particularly for English Language Learners, before beginning an activity, introducing a lesson, or reading a tale aloud in class. This will provide English language learner student the chance to recognize words, therefore being able to recall them by placing them in a context.

You might wish to adhere to these English Learning stages to make sure that you have mastered more difficult vocabulary and concepts:

  • Choose a word in advance from a forthcoming text or discussion.
  • Student-friendly definitions should be used to clarify the meaning.
  • Describe its applications using examples.
  • Get yourself involved in learning activities to increase mastery.
  • Repeat the term.
  • Encourage reading in English Language

The best thing that can be done by you to help your vocabulary grow is by encouraging the concept of reading in your daily routine. The primary method for learning words is through extensive reading. Through this practice, you may better understand words by seeing them in a variety of contexts such as reading English case studies. English language learner students must learn new terms when they come across them in their everyday reading. How word detective functions is as follows:

  • English language learner students made a list of searchable key words.
  • Each time they come across a keyword, English language learner students are supposed to write the appointed target word and its sentence on a note pad, then set it on their desk.
  • Spend a few minutes reading each keyword from a note pad at the end of your day.
  • You could even turn it into a game by giving points to each word.

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  • Use situations and visuals

Use significant graphics and visuals in your lessons wherever you can. With English language learner students, these visual and graphical vocabulary teaching techniques can be implemented:

Transform your English language learner students to become word investigators! These students should read novels while looking for keywords in this entertaining game. They should also use a list of search terms to be used in the book. Encourage English language learner students to include such words into their written sentences and spoken as soon as they identify the sentences’ keywords.

Some Students love to make art, then you can express your understanding of words through art. English language learner students can make their own connections to different words through patterns, drawings and other examples.

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  • Learn through concept

Word components may be used effectively by using a concept cube. Six identical squares of paper are distributed to the English language learner student. Then they are expected to write any one of the following on each square:

  • Dictionary term
  • Antonym
  • Synonym
  • Word that falls within that category.
  • essential qualities
  • Example

The paper is then cut, folded, and taped by the student to form a cube. Then, student roll their cube with a learning partner or someone who is better in English and must explain the connection between the original vocabulary term and the word that lands on top. 

English language learner students can analyze similarities and differences between words using a Venn diagram also. Additionally, it exposes students to new vocabulary, which helps them retain of their learning. In this exercise, students are instructed to link the two words which are printed in the Venn diagram’s center. To link the two terms, they must first write on the Venn diagram the definitions of each word, next demonstrate the connection.

  • Vocabulary games

By using vocabulary games and other activities, English language learner students have a unique and fun way opportunities to learn new terminology. Example include

Word bingo is a game where English language learner student has a sheet with grids on it and one word printed in each grid. Each term is defined by the students, who then mark each word with a marker to represent what they have learned. In order to win, a player must be the first to mark a whole row, diagonal pattern of words or column words. 


To conclude, using a range of strategies mentioned above will aid in preventing boredom for students in learning English. Try out several approaches and methods to see which ones your students respond to the best.


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