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Top 6 Sensitive Skincare Regimen | Healthy Skin Treatment

Skincare Regimen

Everyone needs a proper set of skincare routines to consider. This not only helps their skin to moisturize and stay protective but it makes their skin young too. If your skin is sensitive, then for sure you require skincare relevant to your skin type. Here you will understand what a sensitive skincare regimen is.

A sensitive skin

You might not know but a sensitive skin type is the most different and difficult skin type to handle. You cannot use every product on it. This is because it is likely to get allergies and reactions fast. Or sometimes, it might get severe reactions like redness and itchiness. So you have to pick suitable ingredients that don’t irritate your skin.

To check if your skin is sensitive, you have to use some active ingredients. If your skin reacts to such ingredients then it is a sensitive one. Otherwise, it is another type. That’s why BelleCote Paris estheticians always suggest you choose the right and suitable products. The sensitive skincare regimen contains many products like moisturizers, cleansers, toners, etc.


Although you get your skin type in your genetics. Apart from this, some other factors might increase your skin’s sensitivity.

  • Environment

Pollution is the major irritant that will irritate your skin the most. For example, dust particles enter your skin and settle in the pores. When you don’t clean the pores, they get clogged. Similarly, it makes your skin rough and extremely dry. So every time you use a new product, your irritated skin reacts to it in a reverse way.

  • Sun

Sometimes when you remain outside for a longer period, the sun rays burn your skin. This is because you don’t wear sunscreen regularly. Also, it inflames your skin, your skin often gets red.

  • Skin aging

When your skin ages, it becomes dry along with age. The dry patches on your skin make your skin sensitive.

Treatment using a sensitive skincare regimen

You can cure the sensitive skin type with BelleCote Paris products. Their products are effective for your skin. Further, you should know about the skincare products for it. Here are what products it has.

1. Marine collagen anti-aging cleanser

This cleanser is a milky texture. So, it will provide your dry skin with a good moisturizing effect. With this cleanser, you can easily wipe your makeup, not only makeup but other dust and oil too. Also, it hydrates your skin.

2. Marine collagen anti-aging toner

After cleansing, you should use this toner. It will wipe the particles with a cleanser if the particles are present on your skin. Also, it will make your skin calm and relaxed. It will lock the moisture on your skin. Then, it will retain your skin’s firmness. The sea minerals and collagen will soothe your skin. Your skin will be softer. This toner is free from perfumed ingredients.

3. Day light moisturizer

This moisturizing cream will do magic to your skin by rejuvenating your skin. It will help your skin to replace the damaged cells. Then, it hydrates your skin and keeps it hydrated for a long time. It increases the collagen substances formation in your skin. This moisturizer doesn’t block your skin pores. This one is a very light and creamy moisturizer.

4. Eyetox- anti-wrinkle eye contour gel

Sometimes, you neglect the areas under your eyes. Whereas, you should moisturize this area too. This gel contains peptides that will double the formation of collagen. Your skin will regain its firmness. Also, the brown spots on your skin will fade away. This gel doesn’t enter your eyes, rather its stays on the skin.

5. Ultra nourishing night cream

This cream has multiple benefits for your skin’s health. It will repair and heal the damaged skin. Then, it will strengthen your skin. Also, it reactivates the dull skin cells. It will fade away the redness and red spots on your skin that were formed due to sensitive skin.

6. Double skin protection cream

You can protect your skin’s sensitivity by application of this sunscreen. It will protect your skin from sun burning. Further, it discourages the skin aging phenomenon. This sunscreen completely absorbs into your skin without giving a white casting effect on the skin. Also, it prevents the clogging of your skin pores.

Importance of sensitive skincare regimen

It is always good if you treat your skin with skincare products. Not all skin types demand extra care. The sensitive skin is the most difficult one to handle. You have to check all of the ingredients before using a new product. So that no irritant reacts to your skin.

It is essential to use a skincare regimen for your sensitive skin. As it will save your skin from becoming extra sensitive. In particular, skincare products heal your skin from damage and dryness. If you keep your sensitive skin dry, then it would encourage the formation of acne and breakouts. So keeping it moisturized helps your skin from skin problems.


Choosing a perfect sensitive skincare regimen is difficult. But when you have BelleCote Paris brand then just relax. This brand will offer you products that perfectly match your skin and its problems. So you require using the products for your skin protection and curing.

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