Top 5 Starter Kits You Can Buy from White Rhino Vaporizers

Starter vape kits are great for newbies and those who want to step into the vaping world. If you’re a beginner yourself, then you should definitely check out White Rhino Vaporizers starter kits. 

Here we have rounded up for you the top 5 start kits you must consider buying from White Rhino Vaporizers.

Here they are:


Dube Air Starter Kit by White Rhino features a 280 mAH battery, which is quite impressive if we talk about start kits. It is sleek and compact in design, making it perfect for travel. 

This starter kit by White Rhino also features a Quartz atomizer, and has a heat time of only 30 seconds, which means you can start vaping instantly!

2. White Rhino Neutron

White Rhino Neutron is also an excellent option when it comes to vape starter kits. This unique vape piece is compact in size and handy in design, making it highly portable. 

Neutron by White Rhino also features a variable voltage battery, sub-ohm ceramic cube atomizer, as well as a micro-USB charger, for you to charge your vape whenever you wish to.  

The variable voltage battery will help you choose your desired voltage setting, as to how you wish your device to be heated up. With its locking mouthpiece and twist-to-unlock feature, you will no longer need to fret over the e-liquid leaking from your vape. Just twist the mouthpiece whenever you wish to vape, and enjoy!

3. White Rhino Torrid Rechargeable E Nail Starter Kit

This rechargeable E Nail starter kit by White Rhino is a revolutionary device. This device is highly portable and is also compatible with joints of various dimensions. This Torrid E Nail Starter Kit is made of the most durable and robust materials, which will last you a pretty long time. 

It also features a built-in battery, recliner, triple coil, as well as a USB charger for you to charge anywhere you want, anytime you want. 

White Rhino Torrid is also incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is attach this rechargeable device to a bong, heat it, pour your oil or wax onto the coil, and that’s it. You will now be able to enjoy the massive and flavorsome vapor. 


Xtract Air Variable Vaporizer Starter Kit by White Rhino is also compact in design and is only 5 inches tall. With a variable voltage of 3.7V, 4.0V, and 4.2V, you can adjust the settings according to how you want your device to be heated

With its quick heat-up time, you can instantly start vaping without having to put in much effort!


Hylo by White Rhino is a digital vaporizer starter kit. It features a digital LCD temperature screen, on which you can take a look at the temperature setting of your vape. With only 30 seconds of heat-up time, you can start vaping instantly. 

The battery will automatically shut off if not in use for 4 minutes, which will help save your vape’s battery for a longer period of time.

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