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Top 5 reasons to choose CV Raman Polytechnic as top polytechnic college in India


A diploma in Engineering is a professional program designed to provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience in the technical field. After completing 10th or 12th grade, many students enroll in Polytechnic. Polytechnic courses from the top polytechnic College in India, not only equip students with basic and practical engineering skills, but also it is the most suitable option for pursuing a professional career after having a Diploma.

Reasons to choose CV Raman Polytechnic :

Here, I am noting down some of the top reasons to choose a Diploma as a Career option.

  • The candidate will receive a technical diploma certificate post-completion.
  • The candidate will have a greater chance to get admission to the top polytechnic Colleges in India for B. Tech.
  • The candidate will get a wide range of job opportunities post Diploma.
  • Being more practical, Diploma will make the candidate job-ready.
  • A diploma takes a considerable amount of time to complete and is cost-efficient too.
  • With a Diploma in Polytechnic, candidates can apply for jobs in various government sectors.

Career Options:

Besides the above factors, diploma holders can avail some of the best career options, upon the successful completion of the course. CVR Polytechnic, Bhubaneswar is a self-financed Polytechnic college approved by AICTE, New Delhi. It is top polytechnic college in India for civil, chemical, electronics, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, and computer science.

  1. Mechanical Engineer:

A Diploma in Mechanical Engineering may not be as attractive for a well-paying job compared to a regular 4-year course.

However, a fresh Diploma Engineer in Mechanical Engineering can earn up to Rs 6 lakh per year, depending on their practical skills, grades, and the University of Origin.

  1. Mechanical Design Engineer:

Unlike Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical Design Engineers are responsible for planning the design before the engineers begin working on the actual product.

Mechanical design engineers can easily find many career opportunities in the automobile industry. Though the pay at the start of your career may be below average, with a few years of experience, you can earn up to Rs 6 lakh per year.


  1. Electrical Design Engineer:

An electrical engineer gets around Rs 4 lakh per year; however, salary varies greatly depending on expertise in the industry. With a few years of experience, you might expect a lucrative salary package. ETAP and AutoCAD are the most sought-after talents.


  1. Assistant/Junior Engineer in State Governments:

Various state governments have projects running at any given time in different sectors. To grab the job, you might have to take an examination. Some of them may require a few years of expertise, but the pay is commendable, as are the additional benefits of working for the government.

  1. Support/Maintenance Staff at airports:

Diploma Engineers can work as Airport Staff too. They are responsible for conducting machinery and technical checks before the flight takes off. This position is under the Airport Authority of India and pays well. The job requires a diploma in aeronautical engineering; however, anyone with a diploma in engineering can apply. 


While concluding the blog, it is worth noting that aspiring students must enroll themselves in the top polytechnic college in India to get the adequate skills and training required for suitable jobs.

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