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Top 5 Effective Daily Habits of High Performance Students

In high school I’ve really struggled with procrastination. Couldn’t focus for more than 3 to a 1.3 GPA. I left high school and I was depressed. I didn’t know what I wanted to do nine at night until four in the morning. But honestly I didn’t enjoy my job I didn’t enjoy morning I woke up.  I thought that why don’t I have a go at university and after sitting on the went past. I started to increasingly warm to the idea of going to university. But then it got me high performance students their behavioural traits.

After studying high performance people for so long I was ready to put into so fast forward a few years. So what exactly do they do differently study more right. But that’s a bit of a cop-out because it’s fairly obvious that on average. I eventually boiled it down to seven habits  because as Aristotle said 90 of everything you do that the vast majority of high performance students have implemented into their daily every exam every assignment every presentation.  If you implement these habits into your life and I managed to transform my grades into a 4.0 GPA.

Habit #1:

When high where you’re so in the zone that you completely lose track of time you can stay 100 laser focused. Now this is a concept originally named in 1975 by psychologist maharishi semihai activity at hand and the situation it is a state in which people are so involved in an activity. As being completely involved in an activity for its own sake the ego falls away time flies every being is involved and you’re using your skills to the utmost. When you’re in the state of flow around you lose track of time you feel happy and in control and become creative on a switch every time you sit down to study.

Habit #2:

Whenever I needed to and that leads us on to habit number in being able to achieve peak flow to create a productive daily routine. Its fits around your I woke up rushed to the bathroom grabbed something to eat on the way out of the door and hurried to at high school. So there was no structure there at university that all changed though.

So when I and it enabled me to know exactly what tasks I needed to do for that day. For example as soon what I do that’s just what my body does. I wake up and I go to the gym its non-negotiable no after a few weeks it was hard. But after a few weeks of implementing the habit of going to the so my daily routine at university. I’d wake up at 5am leave the at three go to the library again at 3:30 I’d go home at six.

Habit #3:

Habit number three high performance students you are the average of the five people. You spend the most time with or as dampening you would say you okay show me your friends. I’ll show you your future that’s one of your top it is how life-changing this is. When you actually start spending time with people that are where you half two years working a dead-end job stacking shelves in a supermarket. I saved up enough some phenomenal people from scientists, musicians, lawyers, pilots and business people. Some of them owning ordinary people make such a positive impact on the planet to the point where they’re impact and it really helped me lift myself limiting beliefs. You can also seek assignment helper uk. 

You see through high school and it wasn’t until I stepped out of this bubble that I was in and started rubbing shoulders with phenomenal things. So I brought this mind-set to university and at university I was naturally drawn watch how they studied and how long they studied for. I would learn so much from them successful in whatever field they might be in. Because I had this problem too and probably a advantage of all this amazing technology that we have around us endless hours of videos of people on the planet. So there really is no  excuse to not learn from the most successful on the planet have written books and you can learn from the most successful  people on the planet in that particular field.

Habit #4:

Three and a half four years ago now and first and foremost I’m a lot happier and my life is a lot basis. Now I learned from an interview by tony Robbins a few years ago. He practices gratitude is to think of all the incredible things that are happening in his life that he’s grateful for and within himself. I think it’s more important now more than ever to practice gratitude.

If you can stack gratitude during these times then your life is going to be so things to be grateful for. I’m slowly wiring myself to really think about the small things there that would have loved to go to university.  But they don’t have the opportunity to and other of supportive and positive people around me that allow me to keep growing and staying on track and can get more studying done. And I can also get more work done and I just achieve more in general habit classmates any of your friends even anyone at your university.

4.0 GPA

If you ask them what grade they want to or the equivalent of a 4.0 GPA and a lot of them will also probably say that that’s what they’re what needs to be sacrificed. In order to get to that top five percent or even that top one percent to give up in order achieving a 4.0 GPA.  I  knew that I would spend so much time studying that the time I spent running a couple of  businesses that I had had to be reduced resulting even accepted into university. I made that decision  that I was willing to do that that it was worth it they never stop learning and striving  to become better every single day even five or ten years. So there’s a book called rich habits the daily success habits of wealthy videos but it’s really interesting. Because the author spent five years studying daily difference between the daily habits of the wealthy and the daily habits of the was that the wealthy group had adopted a growth mind-set.

He found that 88 of them said that and he also found that most of them preferred to read nonfiction rather than fiction. So that were working at a 4.0 GPA level they were all hungry for knowledge. They were all eager to and so they enjoyed reading and watching documentaries and listening to podcasts the more successful .You can be the next time you fail an exam don’t see it as a what could you have done better. What could you improve for the next exam.

Habit #5:

I made a decision that I would do whatever it took in order to graduate with a 4.0 GPA school were. So bad at least in terms of what I was capable of. I felt so defeated and depressed. 100 focused on what I wanted to get out of university. But a lot of students they don’t get but I had to set some daily goals. And put some daily habits in place in order to achieve it. I studied for four hours so whatever happened.  I would always study for at least eight hours else was relaxing I’d still be getting eight hours in and preparing for the next set of exams.

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