Top 11 Must-Follow Food Influencers in India

Must-Follow Food Influencers in India

Must-Follow Food Influencers – India is referred to as being the Spice Capital of the World because it is home to a unique cuisine that is packed with flavors and scents that are difficult to resist. The most popular dishes such as biryani and curry have made their mark throughout the world It’s not surprising that Indians are awestruck by cooking and share their tasty recipes with others. At present, Indian cooking influencers are everywhere and have caught the attention of food lovers across the world, posting their delicious food via social platforms.

Due to the growth of delivery apps on the internet Local cuisine in India has become more readily available than it ever was. In actuality, 313 million customers in India purchased food online in 2022! Through online marketing strategies and content production Food delivery in India has experienced a staggering 16.7 percent increase from 2021. 

But, given the amount of competition in the restaurant business offering tasty and delicious food may not suffice to make a mark. This is why food companies in India are using influencers and marketing on social media to improve their menus to make them more interesting, appealing and tasty.

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Food Influencers in India

What makes food-related content intriguing is the fact that different creators vary in the styles and methods of cooking. Some even make traditional dishes more modern so that the viewers enjoy them more. However, others might stay with traditional recipes that others may find useful in their culinary journey. They also differ in the formats they prefer in the way they publish their content. Some use images together with captions and photos on Instagram and others use the short-form videos available on YouTube. In spite of these different approaches but they all share one thing they all share: the desire to spread the word and keep Indian food alive across the globe.

If you’re interested in learning more about Indian food or want to add some Indian flavour to your meal this article is for you. Read on to discover the delicious flavors that only India has to offer!

The Top Food Influencers in India

1. Nisha Madhulika

In the spirit of saving the top for last, we’ve got the only Nisha Madhulika. Nisha isn’t just a chef, but she’s also a consultant to restaurants and an expert on Indian vegetarian food. She is determined to bring families together by sharing food. That’s why she publishes dishes on her channel.

One thing that makes Nisha apart is the fact that she produces video content in Hindi which makes them more palatable and easier to comprehend for her Indian viewers. And, boy, is her audience reacting! Her channel has garnered an astounding 2.7 billion views in total at the end of this year. This is why she’s a sought-after partner to businesses looking to tap this market.

2. Kabita’s Kitchen

Are you in search of easy recipes for beginners? Check out Kabita’s Kitchen, hosted by the skilled Kabita Singh. The channel is dedicated to showing you how to cook delicious authentic Indian dishes using simple ingredients. Although she occasionally explores different food styles, Kabita always comes back to her roots and concentrates on Indian food.

The best thing about Kabita is that she makes cooking simple and enjoyable. She will show you how to make six dishes using just the most essential ingredients. In addition, if you’re an avid visual learner, join her on Instagram to view photos along with videos that showcase her cooking.

3. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Recipe tutorials can be made simpler thanks to the YouTube channel of Sanjeev! With his short and sweet recipes, you will quickly learn new recipes even when you have a short amount of time. Sanjeev’s videos are mainly in Hindi which makes him more accessible to the Indian populace. He enjoys presenting Indian cuisine including biryani and curry, tikka and masala among his most popular dishes.

4. Village Food Factory

Have you seen Village Food Factory on YouTube? Gopinath along with his father are sharing their own unique style of cooking that is perfect for serving a large group! The videos of his father showcase him cooking a variety of different animals in a huge wok in the wild. It’s an original and fascinating method of cooking that’s attracted the attention of their viewers.

5. Yaman Agarwal a.k.a. CookingShooking

Meet Yaman an aspiring young chef with a lot of talent at the table! Just twenty-four years of age, Yaman has already made an impression on YouTube with more than 607 million views in total through his channels. He is a fan of sharing recipes for savory meals including both foreign and local dishes and is always adding a distinctive Indian twist to his international cuisines.

Yaman’s interest in cooking was ignited at the age of 12 and by 14 he was already making cooking instructional videos on YouTube. At the age of 16, he had more than 3 million subscribers. Talk about passion and talent!

6. Ranveer Brar

If you’re a big fan of MasterChef India You already know about Ranveer, one of the judges on the show! He’s also a seasoned chef writer, author, and food film producer. The website he runs offers the best recipes he has to cook at a high level. If you’re in the market for more information the channel on YouTube is full of cooking tips, recipes along with recipes. more than 6 million viewers tune in to each episode. Follow his account on Instagram for exclusive glimpses into his work as a chef, along with suggestions for products and plenty of laughter.

7. Shivesh Bhatia

Meet Shivesh who is the baking expert behind four cookbooks as well as an all-new guide to eggless baking. Its Instagram feed is an eye-pleasing feast and is filled with stunning photos of his amazing desserts. If you’re looking to improve your baking skills his YouTube channel Bake with Shivesh is the ideal starting point. With baking tips, recipes and tasting tests, the channel of Shivesh has all the information you require to be a master at cooking.

8. Saransh Goila

Saransh is the chef who creates the mouthwatering meals of Goila Butter chicken as well as Bambai Meal Rolls, and Saransh is also an author for India in My Platter. In addition, he’s an Instagram superstar! He has an Instagram account filled with videos that show him tasting food, reacting to and cooks food. It is always a delight to watch Saransh’s videos. Whether he is educating his followers on cooking or just having fun with food.  He was the first to win Food Maha Challenge, an Indian cook-show Food Food Maha Challenge.

9. Deeba Rajpal

Hello to Deeba who is a food blogger and baker, cookbook author professional photographer, food stylist and creator of content all in one! With over 485K users on Instagram, Deeba shares stunning pictures of her cakes as well as other sweet desserts. Also, she is known for her egg-free desserts. She also shares her top recipe on her website Passionate about Baking. Aside from collaborations with major brands like Canon, Google, Magnum, Panasonic, and Dove, Deeba also created custom products. And did we mention that she’s currently ranked 49 on Forbes ‘ India’s Top 100 Digital Stars list? It’s true, she’s an important figure.

10. Ashifa ASMR

If you’re a big fan of mukbang You must visit her YouTube channel! With over 50 million views, she uploads videos of herself enjoying various amazing typical Indian, South Indian, street food, and spicy. The ASMR videos are incredibly satisfying and that’s why she has so many followers. Ashifa also posts highlights of her mukbang video clips through her Instagram account which is followed by a plethora of foodies.

11. Archit Agarwal

Meet Archit The chef behind the blog Life of Simple Treats, known as LOST! If he isn’t sharing gorgeous pictures of food through Instagram. Archit blogs about his life and adventures with a particular special focus on traditional Indian recipes that have an interesting twist. And that’s not all, Archit has also joined forces with Shirin to create a podcast focusing on food on Spotify and they have a chat about cooking techniques, recipes and all things related to cooking.


Indians love delicious and savory dishes and this has helped make Indian food bloggers and influencers famous and sought-after. The creators of this content have put many hours of effort and expertise into the creation of each recipe blog post, photograph and video content that they are shared with the world. Their love and enthusiasm for food will continue to grow, making Indian food and its culture brighter and better well-known to all.

In the above article, we’ve provided you with important people to follow Indian chefs who’ve shared their passions and talent and earned the respect of people in the Indian market. Their reviews and achievements reflect their outstanding skills as chefs.

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