Top 10 Reasons to Use Explainer Videos to Rebrand Your Business

Businesses are searching for creative ways to reintroduce themselves to the market as they choose rebranding techniques. These days, Explainer Videos are the most often used method of rebranding.

Explainer Video Types

Explainer videos come in many different varieties. The use of each of these sorts depends on the requirements of the business. The most typical kinds are:

  • Animated Instructional Videos.
  • Explainer videos in 2D and 3D.
  • Explainer videos using motion graphics.
  • videos of whiteboard animation.
  • Explanatory videos using screencasts.

Why do I need to market my company with professional video production companies near me is typically the most prevalent query from business owners. Let’s first consider why people enjoy watching explainer videos before we respond to them.

Why Make an Explainer Video?

Digital activity among millennials is higher than that of any other age group. They seek out material that is directly related to the seven Cs of effective communication. The material must also strike a chord with the audience. They have developed into being critical, analytical, and meticulous when making decisions in this technologically outdated era.

The conventional marketers must accept the fact that the generation now does not belong to the class of the 1960s. Baby Boomers preferred to have salespeople knock on their doors, while millennials today have different preferences.

This inconvenience is not valued in modern society. Customers expect an elevator pitch that lasts 30 seconds and ensures both their vocal and nonverbal participation. The sales force can’t accomplish that right now.

We return to our original question: “Why do companies need to rebrand using explainer videos?” As was already mentioned, explainer videos are succinct, interesting, and deliver straight-to-the-point information that is simple for viewers to absorb.

In addition, numerous arguments demonstrate that explainer videos are the best instrument for rebranding your company. Let’s investigate those causes!

What Justifies Spending Money On Explainer Videos?


  • With A Rise In Conversions

Explainer videos are essentially brief (15–20 second) segments. These quick movies demonstrate practical and successful strategies that firms may use to explain their value offer to their audience.

Additionally, there is no jargon used, which makes it easier for viewers to understand. The purpose is to inform them of the most recent corporate developments.

Let’s use Dunkin Donuts as an example. The “America Runs on Dunkin” ad helped Dunkin rebrand. Instead of lengthy advertisements or posts, which would defeat the purpose, these four words get the point over to the target audience in a brief amount of time. Dunkin Donuts saw a large increase in conversions as a result of their video marketing effort.

According to studies, 85% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching an explainer film. It locates the gap and closes it by introducing a new product with unique attributes and features.

This entire process takes 30 to 90 seconds.


  • Strengthens Your SEO

Your search ranking rises as a result of educating your audience with video content. Who knows how? Therefore, if your website or other virtual platform has video content, users will take the time to watch it.

The SERPs would benefit as a result of this. Similar circumstances apply to Youtube.

Aids In Building A Relationship With The Target Audience

Storytelling should be a part of video content. Potential customers’ attention is captured by stories in an instant. Emotion is evoked by a tale when it is told well. This strategy aids in bridging the gap in customer and company communication.

With the use of video marketing, you can establish a strong rapport with your audience. Telling a tale about rebranding includes some real-time aspects of making this decision.


  • Influences The Buying Behavior Of Consumers

The average conversion rate for any website is 2.9 percent, according to research. The films on that website would afterward multiply these figures by two to three. According to a different study, 65% of buyers are more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video. That is a substantial turnover right there, to be sure.

Now let’s discuss the return on investment.


  • Return on Investment is ensured (ROI)

As we already mentioned, compared to other methods of rebranding your company, video marketing is more affordable. Increased costs are associated with the distribution of graphic devices, electronic media marketing, and the use of human capital.

In a similar vein, a return on investment of this size is difficult to obtain rapidly. However, explainer movies assist reduce the cost by more than 50%, and the fact that they are recyclable extends their lifespan. Explainer films drastically save expenses and have a longer lifespan due to their recyclable nature.

Businesses reap immediate ROI when video content circulates on digital platforms. Digital platforms offer businesses with video content an immediate return on investment.


  • Raises Brand Awareness

Organizations are opportunistic and create a strong brand image for their target market during the rebranding process. The content and context of the videos substantially aid in creating a favorable perception of the company.

For instance, the animations, characters, and plot in an animated explainer video boost a brand’s overall personality. Therefore, well-structured video material might aid in creating a brand association.

The characters employed in the videos play a key role in appealing to viewers’ everyday thoughts.


  • Aids In Increasing Credibility

Your main goal as a business owner should be to win clients’ trust. You may demonstrate to viewers the issue at hand and how your company can assist them to solve it with the use of video material.

This will increase viewer trust in your company and eventually aid in building a long-lasting B2C relationship.


  • The Most Effective Email & Social Media Marketing Method

A digital marketing tool called video marketing allows you to measure your social media traffic in addition to the visit to your website. In comparison to videos, comprehensive social media posts are less successful.

You have greater room to be creative with videos. The use of video content in email marketing can also quadruple the number of leads. The term “video” in the subject line of an email causes the click-through rate to increase by at least 2%, demonstrating its effectiveness.


  • Differentiates You From Rivals

Despite recent growth in popularity, not everyone is utilizing video marketing. Perhaps a video marketing strategy to outperform your rivals and dominate the market by leveraging video content is the competitive edge you’re looking for.


  • Outstanding Mobile Marketing

On mobile devices, reading through texts is challenging. Mobile customers receive a comprehensive bundle to learn about brands and what they have to offer. Mobile consumers might be drawn to a brand identity quickly if it uses effective video marketing techniques. According to a study, a 60-second explanation film has an average recall rate of 77 percent.

To Sum It Up!

We’ve covered all the reasons why explainer videos are essential for rebranding, so as a business owner, you should consider incorporating them into your marketing strategy as well.

You may create sales at a cheaper cost and draw in hundreds of customers with a high-quality video. A top-notch video can increase revenue and draw in hundreds of clients.

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