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Tips On Choosing Raised Planter Beds

Raised planter beds are an excellent option for those with limited space who want something visually appealing. Raised bed planters come in almost every size and keep the footprint of your yard to an absolute minimum.

A well-placed, raised planter is an excellent solution for those who enjoy gardening but don’t like the constant bending or kneeling. It can be raised from the ground to efficiently water and weed.

The raised planter prevents soil compacting. The soil stays warmer than usual, which extends your growing season. This warmth helps to protect sensitive plants during the colder months. You can fill these planters with potting soil, which makes it easier to control insects.

Raised planter beds are suitable for all kinds of plants. You can grow everything, from fresh herbs and vegetables to beautiful annuals or bushes. All you have to do is choose a suitable container. While a bed can be as large as you like, it should still be wide enough to reach comfortably. This aspect makes harvesting and weeding easy.

How to Choose the Best Raised Planter Bed

Consider whether the planter you buy will be a permanent fixture or something you can move around. Consider your space and where the sun shines throughout the day. Also, consider what kind of wind shelter you have.

Consider a portable bed if the lighting in your yard is unpredictable. Then, you can move your plants around in the sun according to their needs.

You also have design flexibility. You can change the look and feel of your planters at any time. In addition, you can also move your planter from four-season areas to a garage or another protected area in winter.

Permanent beds should not be placed in the ground or filled with dirt until the spacing has been checked. It is vital to maneuver your lawnmower between the rows quickly.

You can hire landscaping contractors, such as Landscaping Yarmouth MA, to do the work for you if you don’t know how to do it properly, as they can give a more professional opinion.

Different types of materials

Raised planter bed options are endless. Redwood and cedar are the most common; this wood acts naturally as an insect repellent. Pressure-treated lumber is acceptable, but not for edible plants. The wood’s chemicals can easily leach into the soil and surrounding plants. You can also use recycled plastic to bring color and water resistance into your garden.


There are many options for bed shapes. Vertical systems are a great option if space is tight. These planter towers have holes on all sides, allowing you to insert different seedlings. Edging is another option for construction. This bed is trimmed like a mantle and provides a convenient place for storing tools when not in use. For portable beds that are mobile, make sure they have casters. It will be a wise decision.

Different types of raised bed planters

Let’s look at some raised beds to get an idea of the landscape you might like.

Cedar Bed

This 3’x6′ cedar bed is available. It has aluminum corners, making it strong and durable no matter the weather. The cedar is also resistant to rot. This simple design is excellent for creating more space in your garden or when you are setting up new areas.

Cedar has a rustic, classic appearance that will stand out against many backgrounds. It can also add more visual appeal to your landscape. This planter can hold nine cubic feet of soil.

Two-Tier Raised Planter Bed

You could also go to a two-tier system. This bed is faster and offers more space for your plants, reducing your garden’s footprint. For plants with more extensive root spaces, such as tomatoes or carrots, the upper level has a 12-inch deep base. Ideal for herbs, the lower level can hold 6 inches of soil.

You can use cover hoops to support garden fabric or protective netting. If your garden efforts can’t expand outward, it makes sense to go up. Thanks to the layers, this arrangement feels clean, compact, efficient, and tidy. This design showcases both levels well.

Grow Bed

Another option is the grow bed. They come in three sizes: 3’x3′, 3’x6′, and an 18’x3′ container that you can use as an edging or walkway.

For square foot gardening, grow beds are great. These grow beds are made from recycled plastic, making them more environmentally friendly. The container’s black color helps to keep heat in the container through spring and fall, thus prolonging your season. In addition, it doesn’t show dirt in muddy seasons.

Self-watering raised planter bed

Self-watering raised planter beds are a great option if you want to be more efficient with your watering. This bed has 9 square feet of growing space and a foot of root space. You can order this bed in a bronze or white wood grain texture. As a tip, get the casters to move your bed around if you choose this option.

Raised beds require very little space and are easy for you to tend. You can replace the soil if you have any problems with disease. You’ll be amazed at the lushness and health of your garden if you add fertilizer once a month.


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