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This Pranayama ends epilepsy disease from the root!

Today’s youth are also obsessed with making six pack abs. After all, why not? Now girls also like boys with fit and six pack abs. But due to sweating in the gym for hours and spending a lot of money, often the youth are not able to fulfil their desire. If your wish is also to make six pack abs like your favourite celebs and you are not able to fulfil your wish, then we can solve your problem.

Now you do not need to spend hours sweating and spending money in the gym for six pack abs. Because without spending money sitting at home, you can get six pack abs with the help of yoga. Yes, there are two such yoga asanas, by including them in your daily routine, you can easily reduce belly and thigh fat as well as make six pack abs. Regularly doing Padotthanasana and Chakra Padasana  pranayama will not only reduce the fat of the thighs but will also make your six pack abs.

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This pranayama ends epilepsy disease from the root!

Chakra Padasana pranayama

Lie down on your back by joining both the legs and lift the right leg 15 cm above the ground without bending the knee and while inhaling bring the right leg upwards in a circular motion and while exhaling bring it down. Try to make a bigger circle. For Chakra Padasana, you will make a bigger circle with your right foot and the knee will remain straight in it. This asana will reduce the fat around the thighs, hips and abdomen. It will also make you beautiful, healthy and slim. This action has to be done 10 times as anti clock and 10 times as clock. Repeat this action with the other leg as well. Then let the body loose. And then taking a turn, he will sit in his seat.

Rest for some time during and after doing Chakra Padasana. Keep your eyes closed and keep your full attention on the breath. In no time your whole body will be relaxed and mind will become calm. Do not get up straight without turning, it can cause pain in your back. Keep in mind that whenever you lie on your back, never get up straight because doing so can be harmful for your waist.


Those who have recently had any kind of operation or are already suffering from back pain, such people should not do any exercise without the advice of a skilled yoga instructor.

Pada Uttanasana

Pada Uttanasana pranayama

To do Padotthanasana, you first have to lie down on the ground with the support of your elbows. After lying down, leave the body completely loose and while inhaling, lift both the legs together in such a way that the angle of the feet becomes 45 degrees and stop the feet at 45 degrees. While doing this, your abdominals will be stressed and then while exhaling, bring the feet back. Stay in this posture for as long as you can and then leave the body loose. In the second action, while inhaling again, keeping the knees absolutely straight, raise both the legs straight at an angle of 90 degrees. You can also take support of hands in this.

In this asana, you have to concentrate on the pressure on the stomach. Exhaling, bring the feet back. Will leave the body loose again. Practise these two actions at least 5 to 10 times.


Change in diet

To get six abs pack, along with these yoga asanas, you will also have to make a slight change in your diet. You have to give up things like greasy, sugar, rice, tea, chowmein, chutney etc. Also, you have to include more amount of protein in your diet.

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