Thirteen Thrilling & Scary Treks Around Kasol to Explore in 2022


Thrilling at trek!!  Facing sudden landslides, freezing cold temperature, breathtaking terrains, deep forest will be there.


For trekking to the most thrilling and dangerous trek, first you have to be prepared. Stay fit and fine. Your physical and mental health is very important. Only professional trekkers are able to face the challenges to reach the destination.


Kasol in Himachal Pradesh a land of beautiful scenic views with lot of snow coated valleys

suitable for trekking.Here I preferred information about 13 thrilling treks in Kasol. Look it out and ready for a backpack and go there to challenge your firmness.


Most 13 thrilling treks in Kasol:




Kheerganga Track is a daunting trek; adventure lover’s must try!! A mesmerizing mountainous journey and breathtaking meadows, greenery views, freezing temperature, Lord Shiva’s temple and hot springs along the trek will boost your trip. It is located in the deep Parvati valley. Trek starts at Barshaini. It’s about 12km. Within 3-4 hours you will reach the destination. Don’t forget to check the conditions before starting.




Gushing waterfalls, snow covered mountains and exhilarating scenic views and freezing cold temperature will leave you spell bound!! A perfect thrilling experience you will get!

It’s located in Kasol. It’s about 49km and takes 5 days to complete the trek. Go there between April and November.




In your bucket list for trekking don’t miss Tosh trek in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. It’s about 22 km, from Bharshaini to Tosh are perfectly nestled in a lap of greenery views and breathtaking landscapes. If you are lucky, you will get a chance to enjoy the party hosted in the valley near Tosh. Cold weather, Blinder music humming in your ears, surrounded by people getting rose to beats – what a wonderful night!!




Chandrakhani Pass Trek is in Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh. It originates from Nagar settlement which is near Manali about 20km.

Pir Panjal and Deo Tibba mountains, an amazing view will be able to see when you reach the pass. Slopes of these mountains, water streams, flourishing flowers are fantabulous views you will get to see




It’s a memorable trail in the Parvati Valley region. Starting Point is in Kasol and takes you to Malana via Rasol Pass. It is a highly biodiverse one.Jamadagni Rishi temple is an attraction where you must visit. It takes about 4-5 hours for about 8 km. Greenery experience will make you feel in paradise.




Bewitching environs, Snow-covered peaks and are astonishingly seen in Chandratal trekking. Will leave you trembling!! It originates from Manali to the terrains of Cobra. In this trek, a mountainous journey, Hampta village and  river Rani will give you a wonderful majestic experience. It takes 9 hours to complete the 8km beautiful  trek. 




The most challenging trek in Kasol Valley is Mantalai trek. It’s covered with snow mountains where you have to be fit. It’s good to trek here in May. It will take about 85km to complete the trek




Tough, but also a mesmerizing landscape where the romantic vibes of Spiti valley can hypnotize anyone. Its name is because it links Kullu’s Parvati Valley to Spiti’s Pin Valley. 

Hidden clefts on glacier crossings, tremendous Parvati river crossings, sudden rock falls, landslides will test the trekkers’ skill. 16 days have to be spent for this wonderful experience.




A challenging trail having uneven paths will give you a thrilling experience. Kheerganga Marg, Rudranag Falls is located. 6km trekkers have to go. 




Want to get peace!! then first pack and go on this trek. It’s a hidden gem having three villages Kalga, Pulga and Tulga.The astonishing view of these three villages will set your mind relaxed and make you feel the essence of nature’s love.




For camping it’s the best place which is 10 km from Kasol. You can set a camp and lose yourself in the serenity of snow covered nature’s love. It’s also a challenging trek having unknown things happen suddenly. So be prepared and careful to undertake the trek.




It starts from Kasol to Chalal. Natural lover’s attracted by its scenic beauty!! It takes only about 30 minutes to complete the trek but that 30 minutes will be your most memorable time you spend in life.




Kutla Glacier is 8 km from Tosh village. It’s about an hour to complete this 3 km trek. Stunning waterfalls and beautiful lakes, meadows will fill your heart with happiness. 


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