The Full Guide to Facebook Reels: Tutorials + Best Practices

Have you heard about this new feature on Facebook Reels?

If you use Facebook frequently and you’ve probably encountered them in your daily scrolling.

The same short-form videos that have been sweeping the globe with TikTok, as well as Instagram Reels, are been re-released…

…in the true Facebook copy and paste fashion and was re-appearing buymalaysianfollowers with the latest Facebook Reels.

Today, we’re going to go over the basics of what Facebook Reels are and how to configure them.

Also, any distinctions worth mentioning in Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels as well as, the most important thing, best methods.

What Are Facebook Reels?

Facebook claims,

“Reels” on Facebook are short-form films. You can also access public reels on Instagram in the event that the creator is willing to recommend the video on Facebook.

Reels are suggested depending on what might be relevant to your needs and could appear in areas like the “Facebook Watch” and News Feed.” News Feed and Facebook Watch.”

If you’re not acquainted with Reels in any way we suggest you learn more about our beginner’s tutorial on Instagram Reels…

…and it will give you an understanding of Facebook Reels too.

However, assuming you’re fairly comfortable in Instagram Reels, let’s talk about this topic in the following.

Difference Between IG Reels and Facebook Reels + How They Work Together

a. You can also share Reels on Instagram on Facebook.

In other words, if you come across Reel on Facebook that was created Reel on Facebook that was initially made via Instagram The Reel will be branded with it’s author’s Instagram user name, not their FB name.

If they have an account on Facebook. Facebook account.

b. There’s an Instagram symbol underneath their username.

If you’re watching an Reel which was made on Facebook You can also leave a comments.

If you’re viewing an Reel made on Instagram You can only post a comment by using thefollowing method:

  • Instagram app or
  • You can join Instagram.com by logging in with the Instagram account you have created. Instagram account.

c. You can count the number of people who have enjoyed the Reel.

You can also find out those is on Facebook has liked the Reel however, in the case of an Instagram-created Reel made by Instagram but not on Instagram, it’s impossible to determine the people on Instagram liked it.

It is only possible to find out those who have loved Reel Reel on Instagram within Instagram’s Instagram app , or via Instagram.com.

To see a list people is on Facebook likes the post at the bottom right-hand corner, tap the number that is under”thumbs-up.

d. If you’re viewing a Reel that was created on Instagram You can check how many plays it has received. Reel has.

Play is a video session that has 1 millisecond at or greater of replay. It does not include replays. Plays are counted on both Facebook as well as Instagram.

If you go through the same Reel in both Facebook and Instagram it will count twice.

The majority of Reels made on Facebook will display the number of plays .

To check the number of plays at the bottom left corner press the number beneath”thumbs up.

e. While watching an Reel that was created on Facebook it is possible to view other Reels that they’ve made by clicking at their names.

If you’re viewing a Reel that was created on Instagram it will take you to their page in Instagram instead.

This should give you some clarity about the way Facebook and Instagram gather engagement for the same Reel that is shared on both platforms.

Before we demonstrate how to create Reels on Facebook, let us show you how to create Reels…

…just an easy reminder to go through our new social media advertisements training course that will help you improve your knowledge in social media advertising.

How To Create Facebook Reels

Step 1.At the bottom of your feed You can switch between Stories into Reels to view all the most recent Reels posted for you to look through.

The same page, however, will consider the option to make your own reel.

Step 2.Tap this then you’ll have to provide Facebook the ability to access your camera even if it’s not the camera roll or mic too.

After this, you will see you will see when you open the Reels camera appears to be like.

Step 3.Along the bottom, tap the button to look up recent images taken from the camera roll that you can download to use.

You can also utilize the record button to create an entirely new video to play back.

4.Then beginning at the very top, we will have the option of adding music. You can input a song into a search for or search for tracks by type.

You are able to alter how fast your footage plays and include an effect to the video.

It is also possible to set an alarm timer to begin recording after three to 10 seconds. Also, you can specify a duration limitation for the amount of time you wish to record.

You can make an environment with a green screen with any of their options or anything from the camera roll.

The video you upload must not be more than 3 seconds in length before you can proceed onto the following screen.

Once you’ve got your video exactly as you’d like it Click Next.

step 5:On that screen, you’ll be able alter or add music and effects , if you weren’t able to do so in the previous screen.

You can as well incorporate text into your film on this page, then then set it to ensure that certain text will only be displayed during certain times.

However, you’ll need to edit your video clips before adding or alter text. If you don’t you’ll need to change the timing of your text.

You can also include stickers, gifs or Emojis to this display.

If there’s a moment when there’s a problem You can hit the 3 dots on the upper right-hand corner to notify Facebook know about it.

When you’ve everything set up just the way you’d like it to be You can click Next.

6.If it’s a post using your personal account, you can change who’s allowed to view the Reels through setting the following options:

  • public,
  • friends and family members
  • friends except.

There, you are able to write your message into the description box, and then share your reel!

7.If you wish to build your Reel using the pages of your Facebook Business page simply go to the business’s page within the Facebook application.

Then, scroll down below the Create Post, then click where it says Reel Follow the same steps as before.

This is how to make Facebook Reels!

Best Practices In Creating Facebook Reels

1. Take what’s working on Instagram Reels and post it to Facebook.

Facebook Reels are so new that we don’t have any old data yet to determine “this works well and this doesn’t.”

If you’ve already posted Instagram Reels for a while…

…take what’s working on the platform and use the same tactics to Facebook.

2. The same is true for the other content on social media.

If you’ve never uploaded Instagram Reels before, and you’re just starting out by using Reels on Facebook…

…the same strategy you employ for all you other online social media posts is still applicable to this.

Your Reels must be designed specifically for and aimed at your target audience.

Don’t waste the additional reach that comes from Reels in a discussion about the number of awards you’ve won or how fantastic your business is.

Discuss topics your audience is interested in, by addressing their goals and needs.

Since if they do not then they’re unlikely to be interested enough to view your Reel.

In terms of content for social media strategy, you should read our article on that one more.

3. Repurpose your video.

If you’re already using TikTok often and would like to transform your content that you have taken from it to make facebook reels…

…be certain to save them with no TikTok logo.

If you upload the Reel or a video to Instagram and Facebook that has the TikTok logo, Facebook will intentionally kill the reach of your post.

It is not willing to help its competition.

4. Keep an eye out on the lookout for Facebook Reels ads.

There aren’t any new advertisements that match it within Facebook Ads Manager yet, however, it was a short time after Instagram Reels were made available…

…Instagram advertisements for Reels were launched.

We are thinking that we could see similar patterns to emerge when Click Here it comes to Facebook Reels.

What do you think of Facebook Reels? Are you looking forward to trying these?

If you’re looking to make the most of you FB advertising efforts contact our Facebook marketing firm today.

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