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The British Love To Buy Properties, But Is This Going To Continue?

It’s true that Brits are enthralled by the idea of living abroad or having an apartment in another country. The signs point to the continued growth of Brits purchasing properties in another country.

According to recent studies, foreign property investments are an area of interest for three of the future retirement-age people in Britain.

A study carried out by Clerical Medical Insurance Company also revealed that 49 percent of those surveyed are interested in living in a different part of Europe.

The Desire To Have A Home In Another Country

The lure of buying Gambia overseas properties is increasing for British people, with slowly more people declaring their desire to relocate to another country.

A poll, conducted by BBC by ICM Research. BBC through ICM Research, found that over a quarter of the people surveyed said they were considering moving abroad.

This is in line with a study conducted in 2003. However, the number of people wishing to purchase property abroad soon has nearly increased by a third.

Who Are These Brits?

The study found that young people are most likely to move abroad, with motives like lower prices as well as the possibility of a better living being the top factors of living in a foreign country.

Where Are They In The World They Wish To Purchase A Property In The World?

Australia, Spain, Canada, New Zealand and the US were discovered to be the most popular destinations. Lord Triesman Minister of the foreign office stated:

“It’s obvious that more British people will be living in other countries. Around 14 million Britons are living abroad at least a portion of the year.”

Bulgaria Is Really Getting British Enthusiastic

With world-class facilities for skiing and with a reasonable price of living Bulgaria has a chance to rise up the list as a popular tourist destination. The golf industry seems to have a lot of something to do with this, too.

With the new golf courses set to be constructed over the coming years, the odds are that prices for real estate will increase as well. In 2003, property costs in Bulgaria rose by 31%.

There is a report that states that many investors are buying real estate companies in Gambia, and have never traveled to Bulgaria. The cost of a house could be as low as $7,000 but be prepared for a fixer-upper this cost.

The Hot Property Market In Overseas Turkey

Turkey is also gaining the forefront of real estate investment. With a simple purchase procedure, the number of houses that foreigners own increased by two hundred and fourteen percent between 2003 and 2005.

While it’s still considered to be a new concept on the market for investors however, the potential for growth is very high. Even though prices have risen in the past few years, the reality is that houses in Turkey aren’t expensive and you can buy an average two-to-three bedroom house for just $35,000.

With these as well as the warm weather and the beauty of Turkey it is no wonder that it is predict to become a hotspot in the year 2006.

What Does The Future Hold?

I am predicting that the overseas property market is poise to be a new type of buyer. The buyer isn’t buying an investment property to use as an investment or as a place to live in to retire.

The new buyer from overseas is buying Gambia property for sale overseas. Technology and the growing number of businesses that allow home-working allows Brits to work from abroad while having a job within the UK.

Official statistics show that 350,000 people left the UK in 2004, an increase of one third over the course of 10 years.

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Buy Property – Why Investors’ Are Increasing Interest

Messinia is the latest region that is attracting developers and investors in Greece. Messinia is located in the southwest side of the Peloponnese where you can find several of the most notable and stunning historical sites of Greece.

The climate is typically cool and green in winter months and isn’t too hot in summer. Messinia is awash with stunning natural beauty with more than 100km of coast and boasts some of the finest and most clean beaches of Greece.

Messinia provides a variety of larger areas of development land, and there are numerous investment opportunities available. Particular attention should be to the regions that include Finikounda, Methoni and Pylos.

Why Is There A Fascination With Messinia?

The interest has grown significantly due to the government actively encouraging investments in Greece through new legislation that aims to increase local revenue. Messinia is among the most impacted areas of these policies.

Private sector companies have displayed a significant amount of interest in Messinia and have been purchasing vast tracts of land for the construction of rental properties for holiday rentals.

It is believe that in the next three years, Finikounda alone will be able to provide the capacity to accommodate more than 2000 visitors. It’s therefore easy to comprehend the current enthusiasm for Messinia.

Golf Tourism Changes In Messinia

Petros Doukas the Deputy Minister of National Economy and Dimitris Avramopoulos, Finance and Minister of Tourism are eager to see more golfing opportunities.

Messinia has profit directly from their campaign, and planning approval has be grant for seven new golf courses within the region.

The courses will be within a half-hour’s distance of one another. There will be two championship 18 holes golf courses in Pylos and Romanou and 5 lesser 9 hole courses close by. The construction of both Championship courses is well in progress and are expect to open in spring of 2008.

New Road Plan For Messinia

Additionally, and in line with the guidelines of the government for the “Good Road Plan” the new motorway is in construction beginning from Tripoli up to Kalamata and is near completion.

This will make it easier to access Athens and will direct traffic to the Messinia region and to the port for commercial trade of kalamata.

The drive currently from Athens is 3.5 hours, but the new motorway will cut the time to just three hours. A new major road is schedule in the area between Kalamata and Methoni which will further open up the region.

Overall, Messinia is to become the next major boom region and is already a favourite among foreigners looking to buy holiday homes and second homes. Therefore, the prices of property in the area are rising quickly.

Who’s Buying Property In Messinia?

Every year, thousands of foreigners choose Greece as their location to buy houses to sell Property Gambia for their permanent residences or as second homes to enjoy their vacations.

They are mostly British, Germans and Americans but there are increasing numbers of foreigners who appear for Canadians, Dutch, Czechoslovakians, Austrians, etc.

Statistics And Government Facts For Messinia

Based on the Greek National Land Registry, there are approximately 1,750 homes as well estates located in Messinia that belong to foreigners.

There are already a lot of British homeowners with homes for holidays in the Mani peninsula. The government is currently preventing any further development.

There are a few people who have ventured to the Messinian peninsula, and the government is active in encouraging new developments to attract foreign investors as well as homeowners.

The Government Incentives

The government is allowing huge tracts of land for agriculture to be give over to the tourism industry, making it a viable long-term investment.

A house can be construct on these plots and then let for seven years, generating significant rental income. Then, they could separate to gain capital. In the future, a second source of income might be earn from facilities management.

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Other Development And Investment Opportunities

Large Lot Of Land

Large tracts of terrain are being clear to create entire villages. Finikounda will house more than 2000 tourist beds within the next three years.

They are expect to be and will provide the opportunity to provide holiday homes or second homes for the growing number of foreigners searching for homes in the Messinia region.


Another option for investment is to buy Gambia houses that would permit the building of the establishment of a hotel. With four international golf courses coming to the area , it is an opportunity to mine gold.

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