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The Best Places to Buy a Property in Ibiza

Ibiza is a popular holiday destination. Tourists from every corner of the earth visit the island, renowned for its scenic beauty, raging nightlife, and stunning landscapes. 

But what if you feel so enamored by its charm that you can’t bring yourself to leave?

When that happens, you’ll start looking for homes for sale in Ibiza. Unfortunately, that won’t be easy. 

And not the actual property-buying process; choosing where to purchase real estate, that’s the real challenge.

The Spanish island comprises five municipalities, each with dozens of towns. Of all the areas, how do you decide which one’s worth investing in?

Well, there are two ways to do that:

  • You explore each town separately and decide whether it’s the one. 
  • You read this research-backed article that’ll answer all your questions.

The second option sounds more feasible unless you’re drowning in money and time.

So, buckle up as you embark on an adventure across Balearic Island, reading about the best areas to purchase a property.

  • Ibiza (Town)

Yes, the city on the southeast coast of Ibiza is also called Ibiza. But to establish a difference between the two, the locals have named it Ibiza Town.

Ibiza Town’s population is around 50,000, making it the most populous settlement on the island.

Those who visit Ibiza Town find it a little quiet. 

However, you’ll fall in love with the area’s vibe once you settle down. Some even say those who want to experience Ibiza in its full glory should definitely pay Ibiza Town a visit.

Above everything else, Ibiza Town is home to many historical sites, prompting authorities to name it a UNESCO World Heritage Site

All these and many more factors make Ibiza Town one of the hottest areas to purchase real estate. The average price varies, depending on the property’s area and type, but expect to pay anywhere between €500,000 – €1,000,000. 

  • San Antonio

If paying €1,000,000 for a property is out of your budget, you’ll love San Antonio. The area has the lowest real estate price, with the highest price of an apartment or a house being just above €600,000.

As for why you should consider living in San Antonio, the reasons are plenty.

For starters, it’s bursting with activities perfect for outdoor adventures. Whether you’re in the mood to connect with nature in the San Antonio Botanical Garden or up for feeding ostriches in the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, San Antonio is a playground for naturalists. 

And if you’re more like an artsy person, you’ll have a great time in San Antonio. The Alamo, Mystic Theater, and Hopscotch are great places to get those creative juices flowing.

San Antonio also happens to be a hub for culinary enthusiasts. From cocktail bars to street food, you name it, and it shall appear. 

  • Santa Eulària des Riu

While most places in Ibiza tend to get, let’s just say, wild, Santa Eulària des Riu happens to be a family-friendly option. That’s why foreigners and locals flock to the place with their loved ones.

But that’s not to say bachelors should steer clear of Santa Eulària des Riu. The incredible range of cafes, bars, and restaurants will make it hard to do so.

Another reason to buy real estate in Santa Eulària des Riu is because it’s the only place in Ibiza with a river that flows directly into the Mediterranean Sea. And for those more on the religious side, the Puig de Missa church is a must-visit.  

It sits 52 meters above sea level, making it one of the most stunning sights you’ll see in Ibiza. 

All these factors on one side, real estate in Santa Eulària des Riu is expensive, with the average price of a home starting from €78,116,136. 

  • San José (Sant Josep de sa Talaia)

No doubt, Ibiza mainly attracts party-goers who don’t mind loud noises as long as they’re having fun. 

But what about people who prefer solitude, peace, zen, and all the synonyms of tranquility?

Well, for the quiet ones, San José or Sant Josep de sa Talaia would be the place to be.

Located on the west side of Ibiza, San José is more of a village than a city due because it’s surrounded by mountains and trees. 

However, that doesn’t mean San José doesn’t have attractions worth visiting.

Cafes, churches, busy streets, unique boutiques – the place is filled with ‘em.  

San José is also known for its welcoming hosts. In their free time, the locals like to sit on café terraces and tell each other about their days. And this exchange of pleasantries becomes more frequent during March.

And that’s because, on 19th March, the community celebrates Saint Joseph’s Day with fervor and energy.

If San José sounds like your kind of area, you should know that the average price of a property is approximately €1,800,000.

  • San Carlos (Sant Carles de Peralta)

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main cities lies a quaint little village in Ibiza known as San Carlos. And since it’s one of the least visited Ibiza areas, purchasing a property here means becoming an integral part of the hippy communities that reside in San Carlos.

In fact, the community is so primitive (not in a negative sense) that they prefer picking up and dropping posts in wooden letterboxes. 

Can you imagine?

In a technology-ridden world, people like these still exist.

And since the residents establish little contact with the other cities, the architecture here is reminiscent of the old Ibiza. It’ll be as if you’ve stepped back in time.

The description of San Carlos may lead you to think that old-school nostalgia is all the place offers. However, don’t be disheartened. 

Those who wish to purchase luxury properties can do so without restrictions, especially the villas; they’re to die for.

Speaking of, the average cost of a property in San Carlos is €8,571 per m2

  • San Rafael (Sant Rafel de sa Creu)

San Rafael, also known as Sant Rafel de sa Creu, is located between San Antonio and Ibiza Town. So, it’s the perfect fusion of old-school vibes and a contemporary lifestyle. And perhaps the best thing, especially if you prefer avoiding crowds, is that you won’t find flocks of people in San Rafael.

While some may say it’s because the place has nothing to offer, that’s not true.

San Rafael leans heavily on the artistic side; the place has pottery and ceramic items featuring decades-old designs and styles. In fact, it’s the only place in Ibiza where you’ll find such beautiful craftsmanship.

And because of this, San Rafael is often called Zona de Interes Artesnal, a.k.a. The Only Artisan Zone. The practice is so popular that people from all over Ibiza visit San Rafael every Thursday evening from June to September to showcase their impressive pottery skills and sell handmade items.

For those interested in purchasing a property here, it’ll cost you around €8,076 per m2.

Ready. Set. Purchase.

There’s a reason why people call Ibiza ‘Heaven on Earth.’ It’s a beautiful place with a high quality of life and lots to do.

Since that calls for purchasing a property in Ibiza, all the options are laid out in front of you. Now all you have to do is settle on one worth your time, energy, and of course, money.














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