Special anti-coronavirus cleaning in the hospitality

Hospitality is one sector most affected by the pandemic, as they are usually placed with a large influx of people.


The coronavirus has strongly attacked our lives, changing them completely and changing our habits. Hospitality is one sector most affected by the pandemic, as they are usually placed with a large influx of people. Therefore, an anti-COVID cleaning protocol is essential within these places. In this article, we are going to explain to you what anti-COVID cleaning is in the hospitality industry and what measures are being taken in the sector so affected by the pandemic that we are experiencing.

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What is an anti-COVID cleaning?

The special anti-coronavirus cleaning is a special protocol to prevent the spread of covid-19. This includes preventive and protective actions, which keep hospitality businesses free of contagion, as well as guarantee the safety of customers and workers and the continuity of business activity.

The protocols depend on several factors, such as the type of business, its size, and other factors, such as the type of clients. They must follow the opinions of the Department of Health, which guarantee minimum prevention and protection.

Besides cleaning, we must meet other aspects, such as the safety distance, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, capacity control, care for people at risk, protection of employees, promotion of electronic payment, and constant ventilation of the place. We combine all this with an effective cleaning protocol, and we minimize the risks.

Requirements to make an anti-COVID cleaning protocol

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The cleaning staff must comply with certain measures, the first being the correct use of personal protective equipment. Although PPE depends on the level of risk, at least a mask and gloves are required. After cleaning, the PPE will be disposed of according to the contingency plan, which will also depend on the type of company.

Likewise, the cleaning protocol will be carried out by maintaining the safety distance and avoiding physical contact. Also remember to monitor the ventilation and air conditioning system.

General measures of the COVID hospitality cleaning plan

The anti-COVID cleaning plan is designed for the cleaning and disinfection of most of the premises’ facilities. This includes the kitchen, the bar, the living room, the food collection area, the merchandise collection area, the changing rooms, the lockers, and the toilets.

This cleaning plan begins before the opening of the business, carrying out a thorough cleaning with antiviral products, which must be authorized by the Department of Health. Due to the complexity of this task, we usually hire a specialized company.

In an anti-COVID cleaning plan, it should also monitor the frequency of cleaning and disinfection . Also, remember that you have to clean all surfaces, sanitizing cleaning tools, dishes, utensils, cloths and scouring pads, among others. You should also clean the areas of greatest contact, such as elevators, doorknobs and should also monitor the frequency of cleaning and disinfection.

Finally, do not forget that the company’s means of transport needs cleaning and disinfection, besides transport elements such as bags or boxes. You also have to do the same with uniforms, table linens and all the textiles of the place. It is also advisable to clean with ozone regularly since this gas can eliminate any type of virus or bacteria in a very effective way.

Advantages of contracting the special anti-coronavirus by cleaning externally

As we have seen, making an anti-COVID hospitality cleaning plan is complex. Requires compliance with certain guidelines from the Department of Health. Not only will you have to do an initial protocol before opening, but a daily protocol. This can complicate the lives of hoteliers, especially in these times of so much uncertainty for them.

The best thing at the moment is to leave this cleaning plan in the hands of specialists. Due to its complexity and constant changes in official protocols. If you hire a specialized cleaning company , you can be sure that you comply with all of them. You can focus on your business, which will be a safe place for all people. These companies guarantee compliance with the law. Efficient work, as well as saving you a lot of time when carrying out a special cleaning protocol.

Of course, the main advantage has to do with public health. Since you are helping to fight the virus and you are protecting yourself, your employees and your customers. If all the companies comply with the cleaning measures, the risk of contagion is lower. The benefit for all is greater, since we want this situation to end as soon as possible.

At SCS Group we have been battling the virus since day one and we have specialized in anti-coronavirus cleaning in many hospitality businesses, including restaurants, rural houses, and hotels, both in initial cleaning and daily cleaning, as well as the possibility of hiring a special cleaning with ozone regularly. If you want to take care of the health of your clients and employees. Contact us. We will design a special cleaning plan for your business and we will make our best professionals available to you.



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