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Should Students get Limited Access to the Internet?

The Internet is the main requirement in today’s world. Everywhere we need the internet to search for information about all things. It is the most required thing on earth. Whether you are a millionaire or a middle-class kid you just need the internet to get your work done or sometimes for your entertainment purposes. 

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Effects on their Mentality and Family Life

To put it simply, this is the biggest issue facing today’s kids. They spend most of their day online and have little contact with their loved ones. Students do not do their own assignments and ask others to ask, can someone do my assignment online. Sometimes also weaken their interpersonal relationships within families. Students who spend most of their time online are less likely to engage in healthy behaviours like regular exercise and healthy eating, and they do not like to spend quality time with friends and family. 

Possibilities of Physical Harms

The extreme usage of the internet can cause physical harm to students. Students are the future of this world and they should always stay healthy and focus on their education. Because they are the upcoming responsible citizens on this earth. With excessive internet usage, many students spend hours in front of the computer screen. They play online games and do the settings. Sometimes they also ask their friends to do my university assignment. They also started eating in their middle ages on social sites. It also leads to muscle weakness, back pain problems in their eyes, and other types of problems. All such physical problems directly affect their education and they become lazy. The Internet is the web where all students easily get addicted and it can make one’s life Şişli Escort hell.

Social Life gets Hampered 

A student must have a good social life, have proper interactions with their friends and meet their relatives. But by using the internet many times they lose interest in everything. The Internet helps to meet several types of new people and make friends who help with Assignments. But they are not real friends. Students are always getting addicted through virtual communications and messages not meeting their friends. This mainly affects their entire social life and they do not find it comfortable to have proper face-to-face interaction. 

Watching Pornographic Sites or Adults Sites 

As a student, you need to put your full attention on your studies and not waste time on anything negative or pointless. However, students are getting more addicted to pornographic sites online. There are a plethora of such kinds of bad types of websites. 

Know about Cheating

If students can get access to the internet there are possibilities of cheating. Mainly the internet has every type of information that can negatively affect students. Through any search engine, they can find porn or any answers to their questions during their tests that results are negative. Several schools have already banned using mobile phones and also internet use in the school. So students can do less surfing and only focus on their studies. 


Students need to get protected from cheating, fraud, and addiction to pornography. They must have a very normal, social and physical life and also students must focus on their studies or not anything else at all.

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