In general, it’s better not to guess at a question

In fact, this is partly true. If you’re completely at a loss with a question and can’t rule out even a single possible answer, then you should skip the question. However, if you can rule out even one possibility, it is statistically advantageous to guess among the four possibilities for that question. The College Board applies a “guess penalty” of one quarter of a question per missed question and does not penalize missed questions, so guess accordingly.

The length of the essay is irrelevant

Although the College Board will tell you that essay length is not related to its score, studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between essay length and higher scores. Therefore, it is always better to write an essay that is longer and contains more details, examples, and experiences. However, you should not fill an essay with “lint” – such banal, wasted words only annoy the evaluators.

The best time to take the SAT is on the (so-and-so) exam date

We’ve heard that over and over again. Many students feel that the curve is flatter on the June and September test dates because more students who did poorly on the first test are retaking the test or because fewer students take the test overall. None of these claims are necessarily true, and there is virtually no correlation between curve difficulty and test date. Test after you learn and base your decision only on your own ability.

4. You can guess which section is the “experimental”.

Simply put, there’s really no way to determine the “experimental” section. This can be writing, arithmetic or reading. It could contain easier or more difficult questions. You shouldn’t work “less hard” on a section because you think it’s the experimental section

5. Since the Writing section is new, it doesn’t matter/it’s harder

The Writing section has a lower mean score because it is newer, but most prepared students actually find the Writing section easier than the Reading section. In fact, students who have taken exam preparation courses experience the highest score increase in writing. Even if the section is new, you cannot discard halkalı escort it. Colleges may claim not to see it, but it ‘s right next to your other two results in the score report. Don’t take chances – do it well!

6. Retesting “looks bad”

Total nonsense. Almost all colleges do not consider a student who retakes the test any worse than a student who does not, and most students retake the test. Why? Retesting usually marks a very mediocre increase in score because the SAT is designed to test intelligence, not knowledge. Students do not typically “get smarter” between test periods. However, some students experience great success after preparing for the exam. In general, retesting is a good option if you’re not happy with your score.

7. You should use your calculator to solve most math problems

The students who get 800 points in math aren’t usually calculator geniuses—they’re just better prepared for the exam. Using a graphing calculator to solve simple math problems may seem like a great solution to your math problems, but you’ll end up just short-circuiting yourself. Calculators require time and effort and are prone to typing errors. When practicing the math portion, do as much as possible without a calculator.

8. The SAT doesn’t matter anyway/doesn’t test intelligence

We can debate the merits of the SAT all day, but at the end of the day it is the standard for college entry. Just as you shouldn’t fall in love with the SAT Calculator, you shouldn’t blow off the SAT. Your personal opinion is not that of the university you are applying to.

9. A bad score can be due to a bad day

If you haven’t slept on a given day, retesting alone is unlikely to increase your score. Many people attribute low scores to a “bad day,” but research shows that this isn’t generally the cause of the low score. If you get a poor score, accept it as such — don’t blame your mood or how you feel — and figure out how to improve.


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