Sandakphu Trek – Trekkers Paradise

The trip to Sandandakphu is popularly known as the 'Trekkers Wonderland'. The four major peaks connected to this trip are Mount Everest, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu.

Sandakphu is a beautiful place located on the outskirts of Singalila National Park in West Bengal, near the Indo-Nepal border. Sandakphu Peak is the highest point in the West Bengal region. Sandakphu trek was a paradise for trekkers now; is rapidly becoming popular among regular travelers.


The trip to Sandandakphu is popularly known as the ‘Trekkers Wonderland’. The four major peaks connected to this trip are Mount Everest, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu. The tour revolves around the famous Singalila Ridge, which descends to Kanchendzongha and forms the border between Sikkim and Nepal. This road, which passes through small towns, is probably one of the most beneficial in the Himalayan islands.


The entire trail is within Singalila National park, a popular biodiversity hotspot with a wide variety of flora and fauna. The Red Panda is rare but rare to watch.


Sandakphu Sightseeing


The Sandakphu Phalut Trek is one of the few places in the world where you can see 8,000 meters high. Standing at an altitude of 11,930 feet in Sandakphu, to your left, you can see the Everest collection.


There is Lhotse and Makalu, the fourth and fifth-highest point in the world, trying to surpass the world’s highest peak. Then there is Everest, the Greatest of all.


To your right, the third-highest peak in the world, Kanchenjunga, stands with its peak family. This family of pets is known as The Sleeping Buddha, because of its appearance.


While the Everest collection will only be visible from Sandakphu and beyond, the view of the Sleeping Buddha starts on the first day and lasts 4 good days on the trip!


There are very few places in the world that can give you an idea of ​​the 8,000 peaks like this. Even a few of them can be reached on a moderate trip.


A Good Time To Visit Sandakphu

The best time to visit the Sandandakphu trip is about 8 months a year, with the exception of the rainy months of May to August.


The trip gives you a new theme every season, starting with Rhododendrons and magnolia in the spring to the natural golden hue of autumn, and finally, snowy winter in the middle. You can view ideas, landscapes, and plant and animal changes at different times of the year.


Unless you specifically choose to experience something like flowers or a clear view of the snow, Sandakphu is the best trip to do every eight months of the year if allowed. During the monsoon season, from May to August, travel is always restricted to visitors.


A Quick Roadmap


  • DAY 1


Drive from NJP / Bagdogra to Sepi


Driving distance: 130 km | Driving Time: 7 hours 


Transportation from NJP Railway Station / Bagdogra Airport will be arranged at 9.30 AM from NJP and at 10.30 AM from Bagdogra. It costs Rs.6,500 per car (5-6 seats), one way. This money is distributed to travelers. You will arrive at the base camp, Sepi at 6.00 PM.


Alternatively, you can choose to pick it up at Darjeeling near the Keventers Milkshake Shop at 12.30 PM. This costs Rs.4,000 per person.


  • DAY 2


The journey from Sepi to Samanden


Travel distance: 14 km | Duration of travel: 7-8 hours | Altitude: 6,400 ft to 7,760 ft


Moderate, especially uphill climbs. Go down after Ramam. Adequate water sources are available throughout the route.


  • DAY 3


The journey from Samanden to Molley


Travel Distance: 10 km | Travel Time: 7 Hours | Altitude gain: 7,760 ft to 11,220 ft


It’s hard, uphill to reach Molley with no flat surface. Carry 2 liters of water and refill your bottles from the available water sources.


  • DAY 4


Walk from Molley to Sabargram via Phalut


Travel distance: 15 km | Duration of travel: 7-8 hours | Altitude: 11,220 ft to 11,450 ft by 11,810 ft


Easy, multi-level movement combined with a few ups and downs. Start with 2 liters of water. You can also refill your Phalut water bottles, where you will reach 3.5 hours.


  • DAY 5


The journey from Sabargram to Aal


Travel Distance: 12 km | Travel Time: 7 Hours | Altitude : 11,450 ft to 11,570 ft


It’s in the middle. Hillocks have mountains and a variety of steep slopes. Carry 2 liters of water as water is scarce on this route.


  • DAY 6


Journey from Aal to Gurdum by Sandakphu


Travel Distance: 10 km | Travel Time: 7 Hours | Altitude: 11,570 ft to 7,395 ft for 11,930 ft


It’s easy. Finish the descent with a gradual decrease. Today will not be as tiring as the days before as you will disembark until you reach Gurdum. You will get the best views of Kanchenjunga while taking a trip to Phalut. Take Llts water from Sandakphu.


  • DAY 7


Taking the train or flight from Gurdum to Sepi.

Travel Distance: 4 km | Travel Time: 3 hours | Altitude : 7,400 ft to 6,400 ft


Driving distance: 130 km | Driving Time: 7 hours


As new roads are built up to Gairibas, about halfway through the Sandakphu journey, it is easily accessible. We think more and more tourists are coming to Sandakphu as it has gained a lot of popularity across the country.

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