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Reveal Some Interesting Facts About Custom Cigar boxes

You might have noticed cigar smokers smoking them after pulling them from fancy cigar boxes. Well, there are different kinds of cigar box packaging in the marketplace to fascinate buyers and make them repeat customers. Popular and attractive packaging that is the talk of the town nowadays is custom cigar packaging. Custom Cigar boxes are engineered craft fully to exhibit durability, and keep cigars fresh and intact. In fact, they are a great way to reflect the brand image perfectly. These packs come in different shapes, sizes, and designs to suit the product’s needs. Apart from just crafting boxes, have you heard about the other aspects that make them quite off-beat? What about other interesting facts about cigar boxes? If you do not know, then this blog is for you.

Interesting facts:


Grab this gripping historical fact that the Up Mann brothers first created and used cigar boxes to pack cigars. However, the cigar they packed were not of their brand.

2- American law and Custom Cigar boxes:

In the beginning, the number of cigar manufacturers across the USA soared drastically due to the absence of government surveillance. As a result, the US government implemented strict regulations on the manufacturing, selling, and packaging of cigars.

Do you know Cigar packs are used to create instruments?

The US soldiers would create fiddle (a musical instrument resembling a violin) to pass their time in leisure hours during the Civil War. This was the first point when creating instruments from cigars gained the spotlight.

Have you heard or read about this fact about customized cigar boxes? Tell us in the comment box.

Secret Codes of Cuban Cigar Containers

You would be amazed to know that apart from creating boxes and musical instruments, these cigar boxes have also been used to convey secret codes via cryptic stampings and marks. Each of the marks or stampings had a hidden meaning that could only be deciphered by the person who had certain knowledge about these marks.

Looking for more?

Here it comes………….

What is the difference between a hard and soft pack?

Hard Packs:

Most of the time, when you visit a tobacco shop and buy a cigarette or cigar pack, that is usually a hard pack. Mainly, these custom cigar boxes are made of hard cardboard material to keep cigars intact and safe from being broken. Moreover, there is always a logo on the top, or center of the pack to ensure that whenever the consumers pull cigars out of the pack, they see your brand logo and remember it. Obviously, if the customer loves your brand cigars and remembers your brand too, he will likely buy from you again and again!

Soft Packs:

On the other hand, a soft cigar pack is mostly made of thin paper. It usually consists of 20 cigars and is not recommended at all since it is likely to get ruptured owing to its fragility. In fact, another cause for not recommending them is that soft packs cannot be resealed once opened. As a result, cigars will dry out, which saps them of their taste and freshness.  Well, soft packs have a few pros as well, one of them is that consumers can readily obtain a cigar without having to open the pack every time.

Final Words:

Custom Cigar boxes are a must for your brand and will surely grab the attention of potential buyers’ brands and help you gain gigantic sales. If you are a cigar business and looking for top-quality boxes from the right provider, stop here as we have got you covered.

There are leading packaging companies in the USA namely Global Custom Packaging, Emenac Packaging, and CP boxes.

All are top manufacturers and but Global Custom packaging is highly recommended as they have vast experience, technical and skilled staff to cater to your packaging.

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