Quick solve toshiba laptop blue screen on startup

toshiba laptop blue screen on startup

The first step to take when you see the blue display is turn off the system. When you restart it Press the F8 button prior to when the Windows screen is displayed to toshiba laptop blue screen on startup. The computer will then boot in an Advanced Options screen where you are able to select advanced options for booting.

Fixing toshiba laptop blue screen on startup

The OOBE is the Windows Out-of-Box-Experience, and it’s not unlike an out-of-body experience. It’s an odd transitional stage in which magical events occur however, the experience isn’t yet.

If you experience an unreadable screen when you OOBE There are some things you can test.

The probable cause is: Video output is directed to an alternative display adapter or to a different output (e.g. HDMI-to DVI and DisplayPort-to VGA). Sometimes, the display configuration you had previously in your Windows installation does not transfer in a proper manner with Windows 10.

How to enter Toshiba Satellite Boot Menu

There are two scenarios for entering the Toshiba Satellite boot menu. The first is that your Toshiba laptop is able to normally boot, and the other scenario is that your laptop will not boot correctly. What is the best way to access the boot menu for Toshiba satellite in these 2 circumstances?

popular one – HP Printer Access Denied Issue

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Case 1: Open Toshiba Boot Menu Once PC bootable

You can enter into the Toshiba laptop’s boot menu with ease after your computer starts up smooth. But, the situation will be different when you’re getting locked out from Windows and not being able to access the into the system. If this happens you will require the help of the Windows security key to unlock your password.

Windows password key Windows password key lets you remove the password you have forgotten and start the computer smoothly. Then, you are able to follow these steps to open the Toshiba the boot menu.

Step 1.Turn off the Toshiba laptop.

Step 2.Restart the computer and continue pressing the keys that are prompting you in the display until you reach into the Toshiba boot menu. The key you are pressing is also known as”the Toshiba keys for the boot menu.

Step 3. You may also go into the BIOS setup in order to locate the boot menu for the Toshiba satellite. In order to do that follow the steps mentioned above to arrive at to the PhoenixBIOS setup utility window, and then go to the boottab by pressing certain keys.

Run built-in system repair tools

Windows includes an integrated System File Checker and CHKDSK (check disk) utility tools that can be used to verify and fix corrupted or missing system files.

Utilize these useful tools by following the steps below:

  1. Restart your computer and then hit”F8″ “F8” keyboard (this will open windows troubleshooting). Windows Troubleshooting Menu)
  2. Select “See Advanced Repair Options”
  3. On the “Choose an option” menu, select “Troubleshoot”
  4. Within the “Troubleshoot” menu, choose”Advanced Options” from the menu “Advanced options” option.
  5. Choose “Command Prompt” in the “Advanced options”
  6. In the window for command prompt enter “chkdsk /r”c:”” and press Enter. This command will examine the drive’s integrity for any errors by using the CHKDSK tool and then repair them , if necessary.
  7. Enter “sfc scannow” and press Enter. This will test the authenticity of Windows system files by using System File Checker tool. System File Checker tool
  8. Enter “Exit” to end the Command prompt.

A possible solution Disconnect the HDMI cable physically from an output or adapter and try another.

  • If you have a spare monitor you could try connecting to it instead.
  • If you usually use a separate graphic card, and your computer comes with the onboard graphics card, you can switch on it. It is possible to update the driver once installation is completed for your discrete graphics card using Windows Update or the manufacturer’s website.
  • If you’re using an TV set, you need to ensure that it’s switched on and is set to be connected to the input of the computer. The video output might be directed to the television.

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