Professional Cleaning: Choose The Right Machinery

To carry out professional cleaning, sometimes we may need specialized machinery. At first, we will have doubts about which is the most suitable machine

Professional Cleaning: Choose The Right Machinery

To carry out professional cleaning, sometimes we may need specialized machinery. At first, we will have doubts about which is the most suitable machine for the work we are going to do and how it works, as well as the maintenance they require to be efficient and profitable. The first thing we will consider is what machine we are going to need. 

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In this article, we want to show you the main cleaning machinery and their characteristics in order to guide you:

– Common vacuum cleaners: There are two types: the dry vacuum cleaner and the dry/wet vacuum cleaner, also known as a wet vacuum cleaner. The motors of the vacuum cleaners are electric and work at 220V, consuming between 1,000 and 2,600 W.

The dry vacuum collects dust and small debris. The wet vacuum moistens the area while vacuuming. It is very useful for vacuuming spaces with small flooded areas.

The dry or dust vacuum cleaner has only one motor, while the wet/dry vacuum cleaner incorporates two motors.

– Injection-extraction vacuum cleaner:

The injection-extraction vacuum cleaner sprays the product and then sucks it up, is highly effective for cleaning upholstery, carpets, etc. It is important to consider the temperature of the water depending on the type of fabric that we are going to clean.

– Sweepers:

This type of machine works only on smooth or painted surfaces. It is used to vacuum or sweep the floor and has two types of motors, a gasoline motor for open spaces with a range of two to three hours and an electric motor that allows us to work in closed spaces for a maximum of four hours.

– Rotary:

They are very versatile machines with different uses, depending on the brushes or discs used. The most common use is polishing and polishing surfaces, but I also use them for scrubbing and stripping floors.

– Mechanized scrubbers.

In terms of features, it is very similar to the sweeper, but with the extra that it also scrubs the spaces (including water and product). There is a wide range of mechanical scrubbers for small and large surfaces. Its brushes and discs, together with the range of action, result in a deep, fast, and effective cleaning. In electric models, the operator can work standing or sitting. It is charged by connecting it directly to a power outlet and using a battery charger.

– Polisher:

It will be useful for works in large works or in private homes. They are used to polish surfaces and the more the machine weighs, the higher its performance. It has a motor and works connected to the electrical network. They are monophasic or triphasic.

– Hydro-cleaner:

it works with water and pressure that is measured in “bars”. It allows us to manage the flow of water and cold or hot water can be used. They are commonly used to clean facades, floors, awnings, or cars.

Regarding maintenance to avoid damage to people or to the cleaning machine itself, we recommend:

  •  Before carrying out any maintenance operation, disconnect the power cables or the battery connector.
  •  Confirm that the overflow valve works correctly.
  •  Washed the recovery tank if they encrust it with dirt.
  •  Check if the battery works and if it is well charged.
  • Remove dust from the vacuum motor filter.
  • Make sure the detergent tank filter is clean.
  •  Clean the squeegee blades and check that they are not worn. If they are very damaged, change them.
  •  Replace blown fuses.
  •  Do not use hydro-cleaners, steam or solvents, or hydrocarbons in electrical boxes or motors, plastic parts, nylon, hoods, or rubber parts as they can deform or deteriorate the materials.

We hope we have helped you and remember that with SCS Group you can ensure an impeccable service with the best cleaning machinery. If you need it, we advise you without obligation.





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