Do you have back or joint pain, or do you feel weary when you wake up in the morning? If you are nodding yes, your poor-quality mattress might be the cause for it. Our precious 8-9 hours of a day are spent on a mattress but we often overlook the value of the quality mattress. 

Sleeping on quality mattresses leaves remarkable effects on our bodies, making us feel refreshed and healthy. A sound sleep ignites energy in our body to gear up for the day, otherwise, you may feel lethargy the whole day. 

If you deprive yourself of a restful night, let The Sleep Company’s smart mattresses do the job for you. The Sleep Company is the only mattress brand in India that has a range of SmartGRID ortho mattresses with GRID technology to give you a beautiful and soothing sleep. 

Built with smart support to your joints and back, their mattresses are ideal for people with backaches, osteoporosis, arthritis, or other painful conditions. If you are craving a great sleeping experience, you can enhance it by sleeping on quality mattresses.

Wondering why people go and pick orthopedic mattresses for beauty sleep? Read this article. 

How do SmartGRID orthopedic Mattresses Work? 

With the supremely rich combination of hyper-elastic gel material with SmartGRID technology, The Sleep Company’s orthopedic mattresses offer luxe comfort to your body. 

Whether you sleep on your back or are a side sleeper, their smart mattresses follow your body shape. These mattresses propose huge support to your body, maintaining accurate body posture. 

Why should you Buy Orthopedic mattress? 

The SmartGRID ortho mattresses have the distinct characteristic of being firm to your back, head, and shoulders while offering light and soft support to your body. Here are the reasons enlisted that will compel you to buy orthopedic mattresses from the best mattress brand in India, The Sleep Company: 

  • Reduced Body Pain

Usually, 8 hours are the ideal sleeping hours for your good and happy health. Here, what matters is- are you spending this time on an ordinary mattress? This might cause pain in your spinal length and lower back due to undue pressure. 

So, what can you do to save your back? Don’t worry, The Sleep Company has got your back. 

You can go for orthopedic mattresses that relieve your pain. Doctors recommend these mattresses to patients who have undergone surgery, joint fractures, back pain, or accidental spinal injuries to benefit from it. Moreover, you don’t sink in or bulge which is a great feature for ultimate comfort. 

Without facing any discomfort, you can change your sleeping positions and enjoy the super comfy sleeping hours. 

  • Quality Sleep

The SmartGRID ortho mattresses have the unique feature of regaining their shape even after years of usage. These mattresses provide relief to your back and prevent inflammation. Additionally, it improves your posture while you are asleep. Do you wake up often at night? Their mattresses reduce the possibility of you waking up in the middle of your sleep. It takes up all your discomfort, aches, inconveniences, and discomfort. 

To add to your comfort, these mattresses don’t bounce or fall like memory foam mattresses. They have ensured a zero partner disturbance feature that won’t disrupt your sleep irrespective of how often you change your sleeping positions. 

Picking the smart ortho mattress from the best mattress brand in India, The Sleep Company can be a wise option to make a sizable investment. 

  • Improved Posture

Most likely, the sagging age-old mattresses sink your body after a long term of usage. However, the mattresses of The Sleep Company accompany you for comparatively more duration than usual mattresses. 

Even after years, you can feel the softness and the firmness in their mattresses. Furthermore, it holds your spine straight and calms your backache. A good posture and maintained posture allow you to do your regular activities efficiently. These mattress pieces encourage you to relax and unwind through a rough day. 

Designed smartly to adapt to your body curvatures like hips, shoulders, and head, the SmartGRID technology alleviates pain and promotes better sleep. 

  • Optimum Support 

The mattresses in the market either offer softness or firmness, and you have to pick the right mattress as per your comfort. However, the SmartGRID ortho mattresses offer you just the right comfort you need for healthy sleep. 

The SmartGRID mattresses of The Sleep Company are neither firm nor soft. Adapting to your body curvatures, it provides cushiony comfort and you don’t get to wake lethargic anyway. 

The 2500 air channels in these mattresses allow enough air circulation that maintains optimum temperature. Layered with premium cotton, these mattresses don’t encourage the retention of the allergens, so you don’t develop allergies. Smart orthopedic mattresses reduce the tossing and turning, and you feel lively and refreshed. 

  • Sustainable 

If you love snuggling onto your mattress, then the SmartGRID mattresses of The Sleep Company are durable for more than 10 years. Being long-lasting, these mattresses accompany you for more time and give you cozy comfort. 

Backed by a scientific approach, smart ortho mattresses keeps you safe and protected and also promote your healthy sleeping experience. 

SmartGRID mattresses not only reduce the pressure on your shoulders, head, hips, and spinal length but also take care of your health inadvertently. 


A smart combination of the gel-like material and the smart ortho mattresses by The Sleep Company gives you all the reasons to rest on them. 

Being the best mattress brand in India, The Sleep Company emphasizes providing you with quality sleep and an apt solution for your wakeful nights. 

You don’t need to give second thoughts. Just pick it up to lay your head on the best mattresses in India. 

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