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Open a Retail Store For Business by Manhattan Store

Today, we would like to share with you the story of how KZK studio opened their new store and what services that store provides. Co-founder Jesse Keyes is excited to share this new Manhattan location with everyone. Their goal in opening this store is to be a showcase for the latest in modern styles and we are eager to see you experience our new world of fashion design. Read more to learn why they opened it and what services they offer here.

Why Did They Open This Studio?

When we opened our store we wanted to set it apart from everything else. That was the goal and still is, Jesse Keyes. We wanted to add more variety for our customers. Thus, we now sell more than t-shirts and hoodies. Moreover, we also sell more of our original designs.

When we are deciding what to sell, we try to make sure it’s something we’re passionate about. That’s how we came to create our Manhattan store. We know the area pretty well and the kind of things people here want and need for. 

The Studio Is Designed to Reflect Their Brand

The Manhattan store is designed to reflect the brand’s aesthetic and brand identity. Additionally, the space is designed to feel warm, inviting, and friendly. The goal is to make people feel comfortable and welcome. The space is designed to encourage interaction between customers, which adds an extra level of personhood to their experience with the brand and makes it more inviting for their customers.

The Studio Is More Environmental Friendly

When asked about the Manhattan store, Jesse said that they offer a friendly environment where customer service is the king. They all live by a code of conduct and always treat others how we would want to be treated.

He adds by saying that, when you walk in the front door of our Manhattan store, it’s warm, inviting, and friendly. Our goal is to make sure our customers feel comfortable and welcome. In essence, we want them to feel like they can come in and ask questions. And not like they’re interrupting a conversation. 

Our team is trained to be able to answer any question, no matter how small or big. He says the clothing store’s environment is friendly. They keep the store open late so that customers can come in at night and pick up their clothes.

The Studio Is Interactive

He says the new store is interactive in two ways. First, as a showroom: customers can come in at night, request a fitting, and pick up their clothes. Secondly, as a social space: the customers come in and talk to the staff, and then some staff come in and talk to them as well. Here, the staff can use the space to encourage interaction with their customers, which adds an extra level of personhood to their experience with the brand and makes it more inviting for their customers. 

Staff Is Available to Help Customers

The new store can be a helpful resource for customers who are new to our brand or looking to learn more about how to use our products. Our staff is here to help you find whatever item you’re looking for and answer any questions you might have.

We are always willing to help our customers with their orders as much as we can. Our team members are available to you by phone, email, or in-person at the store, and we are happy to provide the information you need to make an informed decision about your purchase.

Customers Can Go Get Their Clothes Tailored

Keyes says that customers can get their clothes tailored in their new store. Although the store is brand new, he says they’ve been gaining a lot of business and customers in the time since they’ve opened. We can sew in 30 minutes. Customers can have their sale items set up in a fraction of time. 

The New Studio Offers a New Way to Shop

The new store is a really exciting opportunity to give people a new way to shop,” says Jesse Keyes, “It’s been years since we’ve had any new physical retail presence. This new store is a big step forward for us and as such, it’s an exciting opportunity to connect with our customers in a new way.” It’s a space where you can feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident, no matter who you are or where you are in your life. We wanted the space to feel like a place where you can go to feel like you belong, a place to feel like you’re with people who share the same values.


In summary, Keyes’ clothing store in Manhatten has been a great success. He has received great customer service and would like to continue to expand the size of his store and further develop his ability to sell clothing in a comfortable environment. And while he truly believes that the new store is a game-changer. 

He says that the real important part to remember is the vision of this new store. This new store is about changing the way people shop. The way people interact with the clothing they wear, and the way people feel about themselves.

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