Offbeat Places To Visit In South Goa

We all know that Goa is a tourist’s paradise and it has so much to offer that it can be a little overwhelming at times. So what is one to do when they love visiting Goa or are looking for something else than the crowded part of Goa?

South Goa and its unique and offbeat places are heaven-send. Goa is a small state yet it feels like every part of it is touristy because it has been blessed by nature and then by architecture too. Often, the Southern part of Goa is left unexplored or is poorly exploited. No worries, this blog will guide you to some of the best offbeat places that you can find in the quaint and charming South Goa.

Offbeat Places to Visit in South Goa

The offbeat itself means different and unusual. So, if you are one that expects the usual, crowded, and hip places then this blog is not for you. There are many places in south Goa that are unknown to most tourists except for the most popular beaches like Colva and Palolem. The following list will give you great options for offbeat locations.

Cola Beach

Often confused with Colva, Cola, or Khola beach is truly a hidden gem. Although the route is a little difficult because of narrow and rugged streets and roads you can reach this place by searching for a hotel named “Samyama Retreat” from where you can walk down to the river opening into the Cola beach. This point is called Blue or Emerald Lagoon. The small river part of the area is green and clear in color and hence the name.

The beach and the swimmable lagoon (sometimes not due to high tide) are its most attractive part. They are clean and mostly not that crowded which makes you feel like you are lost and one with mother nature. There are also good food and kayaking options from the beach to the river and back. Make sure to go by a scooty or SUV type of vehicle because of the bumpy roads. All this yet still you will feel your adventure was well worth it once you reach and relax at Cola beach which is hands-down one of the best places to visit in Goa.

Rivona Caves

Popularly known by the name Buddhist caves in the Sanguem part of South Goa, Rivona caves are naturally formed and enhanced by humans during the early medieval period. They were used by Buddhist monks for meditation during the 7th Century which makes these caves a historical spot. One of the must-visit offbeat places to visit in Goa, its location is about 25km from Margao but is worth every penny if you are a nature and history lover. You have to trek a little to reach the Rivona caves. Upon reaching you will see the caves and steps covered in dried lichen which have stood the tests of time. You will feel you have been transported into the past back when monks used to meditate.

Betul Lighthouse, Fort and Beach

Located about 20km from Margao beach in Cavelossim district is Betul beach. The unique thing about this beach is that it has a fort and a lighthouse. Now isn’t it exotic! Although you will have navigation assistance from locals, the Betul beach is a gift that keeps on giving with its clear and quaint seawater along with the fort and lighthouse. This is what makes Betul an excellent picture-clicking spot. You can see the river Sal merging into the sea here and even get to climb on the lighthouse if permitted by the tower guard. Locals come here for fishing due to the availability of a variety of fish. Do visit it if you like a charming old offbeat place with pleasant panoramic views. 

Netravali Bubbling Lake and Waterfall

In South Goa lies Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary which has lots of offbeat places inside it. You can choose to visit the bubbling Netravali lake which is a small pond-like lake that is famous for producing continuous bubbles due to the presence of methane gas under it. You can even get a fresh fish foot massage here. The trip to Netravali is incomplete with just visiting the lake, you must also try Netravali waterfalls which are also sometimes known as Savari waterfall for the best experience.


Most of the offbeat places in South Goa are through roads that are dimly lit and bumpy too. So, you might want to plan accordingly to avoid returning at the night or opt for stays at the beach.

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