MSPs Monitor Your Networking Needs & Challenges

Managed network services for remote workers - basic and future

MSP companies Monitor Your Networking Needs & Challenges

Managed network services for remote workers – basic and future

Remote workers are being replaced by fixed workers. According to Gartner, 51% of all knowledgeable employees worldwide now work remotely. Furthermore, about 32% of all employees are currently working remotely. Companies must adapt to the new reality by protecting their intellectual property and preventing malicious parties from gaining access to confidential information.

Users expect a connection for every aspect of their tasks, and it should always be available. Meanwhile, MSPs require easy-to-manage solutions that allow them to expand their business and build margins.

Small and medium-sized businesses are acutely aware of how dependent their employees are on the network. Because of this, they turn to MSPs for help managing communications so they can save resources and maintain productivity. Therefore, MSPs are seeking remote access solutions that allow them to provide the network as a managed service.

To keep in touch with their clients, MSPs monitor network needs. Among them are:

Remote workers and workload:

COVID makes sure that a remote workforce is retained here. The company’s network keeps its employees connected to its customers – even though remote work has shrunk.

Changing technology:

Recent studies have shown that 56% of SMEs use five or more cloud applications, with SaaS adoption growing at a record rate. At the same time, wireless networks have reached an all-time high in the industry, and cognitive networks have increased in capacity. As a result, the virtualization of network functions is more important for small and medium-sized businesses.

There are many challenges associated with these changes in the networking landscape. While evaluating next-generation solutions, MSPs must pay close attention to two shifts:

LAN management is becoming more complex:

Managing networks is getting harder and harder. The factors contributing to complexity include multiple vendors per network, rapid growth in unreliable devices, and limited MSP-centric networking device hardware. SMB customers have varying requirements as well.

For MSPs, network solutions should address three primary issues:

  • Monitoring: View the entire network without having to add a panel.
  • Configuring and controlling hardware: Maintaining hardware flexibility for diverse SMB clients
  • Automated treatment: Helps the team apply best practices easily.

Distributed networks have different requirements for WAN performance:

WANs are significantly complicated by distributed remote networks. The security of external workers’ home networks is often unknown, and their children and spouses compete for bandwidth. VPN usage is inconsistent, and MSPs find it expensive to deploy helpdesk software for an external workforce. Furthermore, the solutions are highly fragmented, including built-in VPNs, third-party VPNs, cloud-based applications, etc.

Therefore, MSPs should prioritize the following features in their network solutions:

  • Network security: Secure remote workers’ networks by adding perimeter-based security.
  • Optimization of WAN traffic and applications: Prioritize business traffic.
  • Continuity of the network: MSPs can differentiate themselves by ensuring that their clients’ external workforces are always connected.

Since then, MSPs have expanded to include services like security, network management, and onsite support.

As networking needs evolve, vendors respond with next-generation products. The optimal remote access solution for MSPs is one designed specifically for them, with opportunities to improve performance, enhance security, and reduce complexity. At the same time, growth opportunities will be provided for increasing market share and revenue.


By 2022, ExtNoc’s MSP Network Monitoring service will continue to enable MSPs to provide secure, fast network access to remote workers by introducing innovations in networking solutions. We can provide further details upon request.


Neomi Rao is an Outreach Community Specialist for MSP network monitoring Services Company which focuses on the latest trends of technology, small business needs. Her specialty lies in social media marketing and digital marketing.

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