Malaysian Vending Machine Industry Important Information to Know

Do you find the thought of running a vending machine company in Malaysia intriguing? Many entrepreneurs are interested in this market because of its ease and potential for passive revenue.

I’ll go over many vending machine kinds, things to think about before buying, projected expenses, possible earnings, and more in this post. Regardless of your level of experience, this post will provide you insightful advice on how to launch a vending machine company in Malaysia.

In the present age of mechanized retail, intelligent vending machines serve as technological watchdogs, redefining convenience via the integration of data analytics and responsive designs that provide the public with an easy and effective way to obtain stuff.

Vending Machine Types

The vending machine market has changed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. There is a wide variety of product-specific vending machines available in Malaysia. Here are a few well-liked varieties:

  1. Snack & Beverage Vending Machines

Suitable for workplaces, schools, and public areas, these machines provide a variety of snacks, candy, and drinks.

  1. Combo vending machines

These machines combine beverages, snacks, and sometimes even fresh food products to provide a wider selection in a single device. They are often seen in busy places like transportation hubs and retail centers. Given the complexity of the mechanism, this kind of machine may cost more. For instance, if you want to provide fresh food, you will need a cooling system!

  1. Coffee vending machines

Made for coffee lovers, these machines provide freshly brewed coffee, which makes them perfect for public spaces, hotels, and workplaces where people want high-quality coffee to go.

  1. Ice Cream Vending Machines

Located in parks, shopping centers, and other public areas, ice cream vending machines provide a large assortment of frozen sweets to sate patrons’ sweet tooth’s.

  1. Vending machines for personal protective equipment (PPE)

PPE vending machines have become more and more common as a result of the current focus on health and safety. Products like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers are distributed by them, offering convenience in public areas.

Malaysian Vending Machine Business Costs

It’s critical to forecast the associated expenses prior to launching your vending machine company. The main costs to take into account are broken down as follows:

Initial Investment:

Depending on the kind, size, and features of the machine, vending machine costs might change. You should budget between RM 5,000 and RM 20,000 on average for each machine. When determining how many machines to buy initially, take into account both your budget and the possible return on investment.

Inventory costs:

You must make an inventory investment in order to stock your vending machines. Consider the range and volume of things you want to sell. To get competitive pricing and advantageous conditions, think about forming a partnership with wholesalers or distributors.

Machine upkeep:

To keep your vending machines operating at their best, regular maintenance is essential. Budget for regular maintenance, repairs, and replacement of components. Consider hiring a reputable vending machine repair business if you don’t feel comfortable doing maintenance yourself.

Location Costs:

The placement of your vending machines in certain businesses or locations may require you to pay fees or commissions. Assess each location’s prospective foot traffic and income creation to see whether the related expenses are reasonable. Commissions might range from RM 200 to RM 1000 in the event of a leasing arrangement, or from 5% to 20% of your sales.

With its seamless integration of gadgets and functionality, the vending system becomes the quiet coordinator of retail convenience, altering regular machines into dynamic gatekeepers that supply consumers with a suitable and contemporary method to acquire a wide variety of items while on vacation.

Potential earnings in Malaysia from a vending machine business

A number of variables, including product choice, market circumstances, and machine location, might affect profitability. The sales agent is not to be trusted. For the sake of illustration, allow me to provide some example numbers and suggest some tips for improving estimation:

Sales Volume:

Your profitability is directly impacted by the amount of sales that your vending machines produce. You could be able to make RM 250 per day per machine if, for example, your machines average 50 transactions per day with an average transaction value of RM 5. Estimating a vending machine’s volume may be quite challenging since it varies greatly depending on the city and item. However, I’ve provided the best method for estimating your sales volume below.

Product Cost:

Establishing appealing and competitive prices is essential to promoting consumer purchases. Let’s say you have a snack vending machine where each item costs, on average, RM 3. You may make RM 60 a day with this machine alone if you average 20 transactions a day.

Costs of Operations:

Net profits are computed by deducting operating expenditures from revenue. Take into account costs like site fees, upkeep, and restocking. For instance, your average daily expenditures would be around RM 16.60 if your monthly operating expenses are RM 500 for each unit.

Scalability Profitability may rise as you grow your vending machine company and add more units. For example, if 10 vending machines bring in an average of RM 200 per day, you may make a total of RM 2,000 per day from them. After that, in order to get the net profit, you must subtract the operating expenses.

How to Calculate a Vending Machine Business’s Profits

Going out into the field is the greatest way to assess your vending machine earnings! Locate a different vending machine in the vicinity (maybe a few blocks away), calculate the traffic (the quantity of people walking by in front of the machine), and calculate the total amount of sales during an hour. You may calculate the ratio of sales per person by dividing the total number of sales by the traffic.

You may now travel to the desired site for your vending machine, calculate the traffic volume over the course of an hour, and multiply the traffic volume by the number of sales per pedestrian you have on the surrounding street. You may obtain a pretty accurate idea of the possible earnings of your vending machine by multiplying it by the price of the item you want to sell.

Using an example will help:

At Linkitsoft, on the event where a vending machine on a nearby street has 500 visits in a single hour and 10 sales are made, the ratio would be 0.02 (10/500).

If you return to your possible spot and see that 650 people are strolling along the street, and you want to sell snacks for RM 4. In that case, your potential earnings per hour would be RM 52 (0.02*650*4).

Repeat this experiment at a different time and place to get the most accurate market assessment.

Watch out for frauds using vending machines.

It is important to practice prudence and acknowledge the possibility of frauds inside the vending machine sector:

Do extensive research:

Before committing to any vending machine business offer, do your homework, study reviews, and confirm its credibility.

Be out for warning signs:

Watch out for excessive upfront costs, pushy salespeople, unrealized promises, and opaque communication.

Consult a professional:

Seek advice and insights from specialists in the sector or legal authorities while assessing a vending machine business potential.


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