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Lizard falling on men

What happen if lizard falls on men

A lizard falling on a man’s head is unquestionably not a good omen. This might portend future difficulties for the spot on the man’s head where the lizard lands also indicating a different outcome. While specific locations directly impact the guy, other areas may portend the demise of a loved one.

Many people think that if a lizard were to land on a man’s back, it may be a bad omen for one of their maternal uncles. It could be unlucky for their brother if a lizard lands on the right side of the man’s head.

Lizard falling on the head – What it means?

It is unlucky for the maternal uncle if the fall occurs on the back of the head. The omen is terrible for one’s brother if the fall occurs on the right side of the head. When it hits the middle of the skull, one’s own health is indicated. Death is predicted if the fall occurs on the head’s crown. The front of the crown would imply bad luck for the maternal uncle, but if the fall were to occur on the rear of the crown, it would indicate good fortune. If the fall simply affects the hair, issues are in store.

What if a lizard falls in the center of the head

Each body part stands for a different sign. A lizard falling squarely in the middle of a man’s head could be an even worse omen than falling on his head, which typically portends an impending argument. Someone is likely to develop an illness if a lizard lands in the exact center of their skull.

Some adherents of the Gauli Shastra also think that if a lizard lands on the crown of the head, it may be a sign of impending death. However, if the lizard lands on your head but simply brushes against your hair, it only portends future hardships.

Differences between men and women if a lizard falls

For men and women, the outcome is different. Whenever the lizard touches a man on the right side of their body, it is a favorable omen. It’s luckier for ladies if the lizard lands on their left side.

When it comes to lizard falling, there is a general rule of thumb. Where the lizard lands denote a certain fate, however, some body parts are better off than others.

Do all Hindus believe in astrology?

Hindus all across the world are familiar with the phenomenon of lizard falling, although not all of them take the expected omens seriously. Many Hindus laugh it off, claiming that the lizard dies instead of the man, despite ancient lizard falling prophecies that a man would die if a lizard fell in the middle of his head.

Hindus often dismiss lizard dropping as an antiquated superstition, despite the fact that it is a common practice. The pleasant aspects of their lives, as opposed to potentially negative outcomes, are what they would rather concentrate on.

What happens if a lizard falls on its back

According to lizard falling, it may be a sign that their uncle would suffer misfortune if one lands on the back of a man’s head. If it hits the back of their head, on the other hand, it signifies something much worse

This foretells death, but it must occur in that specific region known as the Brahmarandhra.

The exact point where your hair parting ends is at this moment. To further confuse you, if the lizard were to land on the Brahmarandhra’s back portion, that would be a lucky omen. It’s very difficult to pinpoint the precise location of where the lizard landed when it happens, so always treat this information with caution. It makes no sense to worry yourself out of your mind over a superstition.

Does this worry cause some individuals to be afraid of lizards?

Many individuals have a natural aversion to lizards, but due to beliefs, some people now avoid being in the same room as them.

A lizard falling is more than simply bad balance—it’s fate attempting to communicate with you. In addition, you open the door for danger to enter your life if you damage a lizard in any way, even accidentally.

Some people have such strong lizard-related paranoia that they even think killing a lizard will result in a curse being placed on them. Because of all the positive stories involving lizards falling, many people have a positive opinion of lizards. However, just as many people are afraid of them because of the negative omens.

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Remedies for lizard falling on head

  • By reciting the Mahamrityunjaya Jaap, you can defeat death. You will be saved from death’s grasp by this Jaap.
  • If you live close to Kanchipuram, you should go to the Varandaraja Perumal temple. You will be safeguarded from damage. Your bad luck from having a lizard land on your head will be reversed.
  • If you are unable to visit the Varandaraja Perumal temple, donate to sadhus instead.
  • Panchgavya can also be consumed to stave off ill fortune.

After experiencing the lizard fall, regardless of any part of the body, you should immediately wash your head, visit the nearest temple and light a lamp to the deity. Chant the Maha Mrichunjaya Mantra to avoid negativity. Touch the golden lizard in Kanchipuram or touch the person who touched the golden lizard. Gold and silver lizards and sun and moon statues on the roof are seen in the temple. It is believed that if you touch the lizard, all bad influences will disappear. Do not panic. Follow the remedy to get out of all lizard doshas.

Final words

If it’s possible, you can also touch the golden lizard of the Kanchipuram temple or the foot of someone who has already done so. When the lizard lands on the body, it is best not to panic. To get out of this unpleasant predicament, you can only adhere to the aforementioned instructions. Every one of us should now realise that having a lizard land on its right or left side is considered to be very lucky. However, it will never send a positive message if the same thing occurs on the right side of the women and the left side of the men. Instead, it will make their lives worse.

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