Like Your Way to a Bestseller on Facebook for Authors

You are passing up a potential audience. Don’t worry about it! Social media will help you draw thousands of readers in a matter of months! That is, if you are aware of how to use it.

You can draw readers and establish your author reputation on Facebook.

The most widely used platform for building a personal and professional brand is Facebook. It’s an odd combination of the two where you can promote your work as an author while also highlighting the titles of your books.

What Does Facebook Mean for E-Book Authors?

Facebook is useful as a tool for marketing for a number of reasons:

Friendliness Writers have always had an impact on how the public perceives things, including attitudes, values, and philosophical views. Your words have the ability to influence other people’s attitudes and actions. They must believe in you and respect you as a person in order for this to be possible.
The character and inventive language of a personable author are evident, and what better way to demonstrate this on your platform than by posting images, quotes, and discussions?
The future of work You might be promoting a book or a few blog posts right now, but you want your audience to stick around so they can learn about your future projects.

Through likes and follows, your audience connects with you, creating a tie in the network’s algorithm that guarantees that your future content will also show up in their news feed.

Reputation control. A brand is your persona as an author. You can share a variety of content on your Facebook page that exemplifies your motivations and values. You can interact with readers on the social media platform who hold the same opinions as you.

Why Is a Separate Page Needed for Your Book?

In addition to setting up a page for yourself as an author, you can also make pages for each of your books. This is crucial for a variety of reasons, according to Ghostwriting Founder:

fan base

As mentioned by best book marketing services team. Readers of your book might want to talk about it with others. Has anyone read it? Why not put them on a panel that will make money?

The size and significance of your page grow as more people gather there to discuss the book. This increases the likelihood of landing more book deals as well as opportunities for sponsorship and endorsement!


Using a search engine is one of the most popular methods for readers to find information. To demonstrate their love of literature, readers can publish a photo of an encouraging passage along with a tag for the book they’re currently reading.

If you make a page for your book, anyone who reads your reader’s post will be able to click the tag and go to the page. They could browse some of your titles and find a purchase link there. This is a fantastic free way to increase book sales.


Connecting with your Facebook fans will also guarantee that they are aware of your future projects.

One method for doing this is posting. Regarding an upcoming book release, another is to make use of the algorithm on the platform, which will look at and suggest any potential pages you create to users who are already following you.

How to Activate Readers on Facebook for Authors

Let’s get to work and have a good time. In order to effectively promote your content on Facebook, follow these steps:

Create a social media page for yourself as a first step.

Get Organic Post-Participation Engagement in Step 2

Obtain Pay-Per-Click Advertising in Step 3

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