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Kissing tips: How to give the best kiss ever

You know you’ve been dating someone when you start sending them flowers to work, or sending them daily emails of photos of yourself that they don’t need to see because they’re not interested in you in that way. W

e have to admit. It hurts. But we pull ourselves together anyway, because we are professional daters, and we are not about to get crushed by a woman’s rejection.

Wanna be more professional too? Just read this post telling the kiss quotes for an amazing date with a nice girl/guy.

Set the mood with subtle touches.

People often forget this important step, but touching before kissing can help set the mood and get both of you in the right frame of mind. It doesn’t have to be anything major,  just holding hands or gently touching each other’s arms or shoulders can make it easier to transition from talking to kissing later on.

Pay attention to your partner’s body language.

If they’re leaning in toward you or moving closer, that’s probably a sign that they want to kiss you back. If not, maybe wait for another cue or two before trying again. Also, keep an eye out for signs that they’re ready for more (like increased breathing rate).

Keep your lips soft.

It’s tempting to purse your lips when you kiss someone because you want them to feel how much you love them. But pursed lips often look like a fish face or like you’re trying too hard, both of which will turn off your partner. Instead, keep your mouth relaxed and slightly open so that it doesn’t look fake or forced. This will make the kiss feel more natural (and less like an attempt by the fish).

Start with the lips.

They’re soft and sensitive and they’re one of your most erogenous zones. So start by gently pressing them together (pucker up) or rubbing them together from side to side (smooch).

Don’t be a lazy kisser.

A lazy kisser will just stick their lips out without any effort put forth into making it good for both parties involved. A sloppy wet mess with no passion behind it is not what anyone wants when they’re kissing someone they like. Make sure you put some effort into it by opening your mouth slightly so they know what’s coming next and try pressing in slightly so it doesn’t seem like such an open invitation for them to do whatever they want (which is not what you want).

Take cues from the other person.

You don’t have to be a mind reader, but if you notice that your partner is enjoying something, keep doing it. And if they seem uncomfortable with something you’re doing, stop immediately.

Be gentle with your lips.

Make sure there’s enough moisture on them so that when they touch another person’s lips there’s enough friction between them. The best way is to use lip balm 15 minutes before kissing so it has time to work its magic.

Make eye contact while you’re kissing.

It’ll help both of you focus on what’s happening and make sure neither of you gets distracted by anything else around you. In general, don’t worry too much about the little things. If you’re nervous, your partner will probably be able to tell. Worrying too much about what you’re doing can make it difficult for you to enjoy yourself because you’ll be so focused on trying not to mess up that you won’t be focusing on what feels good and what doesn’t.

Don’t forget about the nose.

A lot of people forget about it when they’re kissing another person, but it’s an essential part of the experience because it’s so sensitive and full of nerves. You can use it as an erogenous zone by stroking or blowing gently on it as part of your kiss, or by rubbing against each other’s noses when you’re kissing deeply (this will make him/her think of kittens).

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